Friday, April 18, 2014

Roll Call! April - Favorite Stay-cation site?

Every month we ask our members to sign-in by answering a fun question, this month’s was “Favorite Stay-cation site?” Below is a sampling of some of the great answers from some of members (there are already 7 pages and April isn't even over yet!) – maybe it will inspire you to check out a new Florida vacation spot!

Vacation Photo Album

"Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. We are so lucky to have great places to vacation in our own state." JL Jordan from OldRedBarnProduction

"The Florida Keys!!" Cindy from TheSleepySeahorse
"Cocoa : ) and when/if I retire, that is where I will spend my time. I was born in Rockledge and lived in Cocoa until the early '70's. LOVE that place, so quaint and calm, not like Jacksonville with the big city feel. I have family there and hopefully will be visiting soon (May). Love the beach side, the river (even in the stink of summer, lol), the citrus, the retro-vintage ambiance, just everything!!" Renee from ReneeBrownsDesigns

"I would like to see more of our state. Love St. Augustine and all its history" Isabel from IsabelsVintage

"I love Key West, going out on a catamaran with the wild dolphins and eating the great seafood there. Riding the scooters around town and enjoying the people that live there."
"As a kid growing up our parents took us to the Ichetucknee River every summer and it is still one of my best memories . Our entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins..) would meet up there at the State Park and would pitch tents and hang out for the weekend. Best Tubing in Florida! for the adults its lazy and relaxing and for the kids its fun and adventurous! (back then it only cost .50c a person!) "  Rose from GentlemansVintage 

"My favorite staycation site would still have to be Orlando ~ either Disney World or Universal. Always a kid at heart!" JeniLuScraps from JeniLuScraps

"I have got to say I love St. Augustine. A beautiful city with so much to see and do and do go online for special coupons and discounts for tourists. Jacksonville has some fabulous thrift ships and Tampa has the Dali Museum and some great things to see and do. Everyone knows Orlando. Miami is a world unto itself. I lived in Panama City Beach and Panama City for awhile and Vero Beach both are okay. I guess when you have lived some place and seen all there is to see there it is not on your stay vacation list anymore! If you do go to Panama City you must go to Southport nearby and to the Econfiina Canoe and Kayak livery and take that trip also the Chipola River has a short and a nine mile one down the river and people take inner tubes and they shouldn't but they float along coolers with beer in them. I use to canoe it and I had paddled fast past them as they - especially college students can be a raucous bunch. They never take the Long trip - But most of the trip especially if you take the long one is absolutely gorgeous and filled with rare wildlife and some caves you can walk into after climbing up to them over some boulders (secure your canoe :) you can walk all the way to the back and it has a room with a stone like bed in it and many other alcoves where American Indians must have lived as well as bears. Pitch dark so bring your flash light. Wish I could still do this stuff but am thankful for the memories. Blessings to all for good health prosperity and happiness!" Sarah Jackson from StoneForestJewels

What is YOUR favorite Florida Stay-cation site? 

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