Friday, August 31, 2012

The newest team Treasury.

'Beautiful Whites I Just Had to Show You! by TeamFest' by bajunajewelry

A Florida Etsy Street Team Treasury!

J P Limoges France ...

Crochet Daisy Flowe...

Vintage White Porce...

White Beaded Collar...

white vase - origin...

White Faceted Mala ...

Promise of a New Da...

White Pearl Bracele...

White Pearl Bead Ri...

White wool felt hat...

Heirloom White Scal...

Howlite Brown and W...

Dottie Mugs: MADE T...

White Agate on Brai...

Vintage Serving Tra...

White on White Gour...

Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Sunshine Kid's Craft Corner " A Beautiful Princess Crown" DIY Princess

Every little girl loves to dress up as a Princess and its even more fun when they can join in and handcraft some of the pretty accessories to for their imaginative playtime. This little craft is perfect for children of all ages and so much fun to make. It's perfect for an everyday craft, Princess Party Craft or Halloween Dress up Time!

Supply List
Curly Ribbon ( Lots of It!) In all her favorite colors
Sizzors ( Blunt Edge for Little One's Please)
Wired Gift Wrap ( Take your Pick!)
Other Fun Embellishments of your Little One's Liking!

Princess Wand
Paint Pens

Step 1:  Using the wired Gift Wrap Ribbon Create a Circle Just a little Wider Than your Little Ones headsize. The Great thing about this wired wrap is that it's so easy to size up. Double up the Circle so that it's a little thicker and will maintain it's shape.

Step 2: Cut REALLY Long Strands of Ribbon from your Curly Ribbon Spool. Create about 4 long strands ( which will actually be 8 when you clip the ends. Keep one end so that you can create a Loop as shown in the picture below. Then you'll simply want to loop the long strands through.

Step 3: Repeat in alternating colors. (Starting to look like something now? )   :)

Step 4: Once you have added at least 3 to 5 loops of Ribbon you can Curl It Up!

So Cute!
Optional Wand
Step 1: These little wands can be found in most craft stores like Michaels or JoAnne's. Sometimes party stores have them too
Step 2: Use matching wired ribbons and curly ribbons. Wrap the wired ribbon around and then wrap the ends around a pencil to get a nice curl.
Step 3: Add a little curly ribbon, paint and embellish to your Princesses Hearts Desire!


Walla! A Beautiful Princess Crown
This is a perfect DIY Princess Party Craft and Fun Take Home Favor for your Guests!

Like the idea but prefer to have them made for you!
Visit Us at FromBeths on Etsy and we would LOVE to put them together for you.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In My Corner with Cyndie Smith Designs

Cyndie Smith Designs makes these beautiful handcrafted metal jewelery.  I love her style and craftmanship.  Today she is sharing her space where she works to all our FEST followers.  We are a very lucky group in that we encourage our members participation in this blog and other great things.  We talk to each other frequently through team chats and give each other advice!!! If you are an etsian and live in FL I strongly reccommend our FEST community!!!
This is Cyndie's main work space where she keeps as much in reach as possible.  I imagine that when working with hot metal you want be sure you are not stopping when you need something and spending half an hour looking for it in a drawer. 
She shared with me that she is addicted to tools the more the merrier in her life and she can not live without her hydraulic press on the the left (below)! It is the tool of choice for her signature folded pieces like the one pictured above. 

A great storage item in her office is the peg board behind her workspace. (pictured) She can find almost everything at a glance and it keeps her as organized as she can be. She said "Usually you'll find a pile of tools and metal on my desk, particularly when I'm in the middle of a project, so I'm pretty organizationally challenged!"  Aren't most of us on that same page.  I have featured a couple of people who are awesome organizers but I wasn't included in the bunch. 
Cyndie had an awesome back ground story that I want to share. 
She stated, "I never meant to be a metalsmith, and actually wanted to return to pottery after a lengthy spell in the Corporate world. I was on my way to a pottery class when I spied a lady in another room holding a torch to metal. I was fascinated and wandered in to watch and was hooked from that day forward. I love experimenting and playing with the torch and other tools to see what happens. Some of it is creativity and some of it is physics...'for every action, there's a reaction!'"
Her inspirations come from nature mostly which you can see in a lot of her work. However, she has a deep love for graffiti of all types and is often inspired by what she sees. During her travels she photographs graffiti that inspires her.
"My art is bold and the woman who wears my designs is not afraid to stand out in a crowd and dares to be different!" stated Cyndie and I totally agree with her. Thank you for sharing your space!