Thursday, April 24, 2014

Welcome new members! - April Edition

Hope everyone is having a good week! I just wanted to take a moment to welcome some of newest Team Fest Members...

Pet Portraits
Hope Lane from HopeLaneArt 
"My name is Hope and I'm excited to join a Florida based team. I started my shop HopeLaneArt as a place to feature my custom pet portraits and other paintings for sale. I live in Lauderdale by the Sea, and am thankful especially this year, I no longer live up north where I grew up.

I try with my paintings to capture the emotion we feel about our much loved pets and their individual personalities, and spend quite a bit of time communicating with my clients about just what makes their pets special. Hopefully this comes through in my work." 

1900's 3D Chinese Hand Carved Soap Stone Sculpture
Dee n Ralph from DeeSweetNostalgia
"I live in the Sunny State of Florida. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Artist, Christian, and now, loving what I am and do. I work hard with my husband to find the best items from the past that we think deserve a second chance. I hope you find something you'll like. Also you can leave comments at:" 

Reflections at Fairchild Tropical Gardens
Artbypilarfino from Artbypilarcofino
"Just joined the team!!! Giclee Reproductions of Original Paintings and Photography - We create the original work, paintings or photography, then print on our EPSON printers using pigment based ink on fine art paper and canvas.We also create giclee reproductions using original photography from family members."

Vintage truck black and white photograph
"Hi, My name is Debbie. I am new member and I live in Boca Raton. Check out my photographs and found pieces. I take photographs of what moves me, pick pieces that speak to me, and try to find new ways to present them. I look to reuse, repurpose, and upcycle, so you’ll find things in the shop in their “natural state” or gently used. You’ll also find repurposed objects, art, and an eclectic array of decorative elements."

Friday, April 18, 2014

Roll Call! April - Favorite Stay-cation site?

Every month we ask our members to sign-in by answering a fun question, this month’s was “Favorite Stay-cation site?” Below is a sampling of some of the great answers from some of members (there are already 7 pages and April isn't even over yet!) – maybe it will inspire you to check out a new Florida vacation spot!

Vacation Photo Album

"Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. We are so lucky to have great places to vacation in our own state." JL Jordan from OldRedBarnProduction

"The Florida Keys!!" Cindy from TheSleepySeahorse
"Cocoa : ) and when/if I retire, that is where I will spend my time. I was born in Rockledge and lived in Cocoa until the early '70's. LOVE that place, so quaint and calm, not like Jacksonville with the big city feel. I have family there and hopefully will be visiting soon (May). Love the beach side, the river (even in the stink of summer, lol), the citrus, the retro-vintage ambiance, just everything!!" Renee from ReneeBrownsDesigns

"I would like to see more of our state. Love St. Augustine and all its history" Isabel from IsabelsVintage

"I love Key West, going out on a catamaran with the wild dolphins and eating the great seafood there. Riding the scooters around town and enjoying the people that live there."
"As a kid growing up our parents took us to the Ichetucknee River every summer and it is still one of my best memories . Our entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins..) would meet up there at the State Park and would pitch tents and hang out for the weekend. Best Tubing in Florida! for the adults its lazy and relaxing and for the kids its fun and adventurous! (back then it only cost .50c a person!) "  Rose from GentlemansVintage 

"My favorite staycation site would still have to be Orlando ~ either Disney World or Universal. Always a kid at heart!" JeniLuScraps from JeniLuScraps

"I have got to say I love St. Augustine. A beautiful city with so much to see and do and do go online for special coupons and discounts for tourists. Jacksonville has some fabulous thrift ships and Tampa has the Dali Museum and some great things to see and do. Everyone knows Orlando. Miami is a world unto itself. I lived in Panama City Beach and Panama City for awhile and Vero Beach both are okay. I guess when you have lived some place and seen all there is to see there it is not on your stay vacation list anymore! If you do go to Panama City you must go to Southport nearby and to the Econfiina Canoe and Kayak livery and take that trip also the Chipola River has a short and a nine mile one down the river and people take inner tubes and they shouldn't but they float along coolers with beer in them. I use to canoe it and I had paddled fast past them as they - especially college students can be a raucous bunch. They never take the Long trip - But most of the trip especially if you take the long one is absolutely gorgeous and filled with rare wildlife and some caves you can walk into after climbing up to them over some boulders (secure your canoe :) you can walk all the way to the back and it has a room with a stone like bed in it and many other alcoves where American Indians must have lived as well as bears. Pitch dark so bring your flash light. Wish I could still do this stuff but am thankful for the memories. Blessings to all for good health prosperity and happiness!" Sarah Jackson from StoneForestJewels

What is YOUR favorite Florida Stay-cation site? 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Featured Friday - The Wooden Bee

Oh my! I have sure been on quite the hiatus! Going to start a few things back up (yay!). I will be changing the posting approach to "Featured Friday" so that only one shop will be featured a month. The shops coming up will be a mix of some left over interview's from last year, as well as a chance to get to know our Team Leader's who help put together and manage our Etsy Page.

This Friday's interview is with Bee, owner of The Wooden Bee

Tell me a bit about yourself and what you sell:

Hello! My name is Bee, a nickname from school that stuck. The Wooden Bee sounded like the perfect name for our reclaimed wood business, when we opened three years ago. I try to stay as involved as possible with our Florida Etsy Street Team. They are great resource of artist and info for an Etsy shop like myself. I specifically help out with FEST Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Favorite piece you have made- and why?
Oh this has to be the hardest question. I love all the things I make. My husband often asks, "Is that for you or a customer?" when eyeing a new custom piece in the workshop. One wedding anniversary we made ourselves a reclaimed wood frame. It is probably my favorite. Beautiful cherry wood and salvaged glass, frame a bee printed on antique paper.






 What inspires you?

The wood. It still amazes me how much BEAUTIFUL, unwanted wood is out there. 100% of our wood would have otherwise found itself in a landfill. We drive all over Central Florida collecting quality hardwoods for our shop.

Favorite part about living in Florida?

The weather. We can spend 365 days outside... gardening, playing, and enjoying mother nature here in the sunshine state!

See yourself in 5 years?
Gardening, playing mom, and upcycling wood. I love my life, so I hope too much doesn't change.

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
Lots of fruits and vegetables. If I'm not growing them, I'm getting them from a produce coop. My newest thing is flavored water! There is always a bottle in the fridge. Just add some lemon, cucumbers, herbs, or whatever you like to filtered water. It's so refreshing!

If you could have any pet what would it be?

If you could have ANY pet, what would you have (why and name)? I want chickens! lol I dream of the day that we have a little backyard coop with some hens and fresh eggs! Do you name chickens? Maybe something like Hattie, Clover, and Flo? :)

Thank you for letting me interview you and all the hard work you do for our team. Remember to go show The Wooden Bee some love <3
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