Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas from FEST!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December's Em-Powering Days

If you are not familiar with Ellen Whitehurst then you should be!
Ellen Whitehurst is a Better Living Expert and is recognized as the country's premier expert in Feng Shui and other empowering modalities.
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And as part of this month activities, we would like to share our picks from the Florida Etsy Street Team to help your Shuistrology for this month.

DECEMBER 2  Sun opposing Jupiter makes this a great day to do some holiday prepping and planning and maybe even a little decorating too. Feng Shui says that if/when you hang garland, you should always hang it at a ‘smiling’ angle with the ends pointing up creating a small swag. Speaking of swag, this cure’s got it in spades. See decorations that have ends hanging down can subtly influence moods and energies to head in that same direction, but, things that are hung so that they ‘lift’ do the same to holiday spirits.
WOODEN CHRISTMAS SIGN - "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" on distressed green w/ red & white wood

DECEMBER 10   Mercury the Messenger slides on over into Sagiittarius where the chatty planet will stay until New Year’s Eve. Generous Jupiter in Gemini is in mutual reception to Mercury all month so that means that all your communications, commitments and ideas will be inspirational, expansive and outstanding. Dream BIG and then share them with anyone interested. And don’t forget that hanging a round and faceted clear quartz crystal either over where you sit or over your computer on your desk can exponentially help those expansive efforts along.
Backpack Charms Purse Charms Key Dragonfly Star Dreams

DECEMBER 11  Mercury squaring off against Neptune! Now, now, why can’t these two just make nice? As clear as the communications field was yesterday is as cloudy as it could be today. Cross all your ‘t’s and dot all your ‘i’s while making sure you have the 411 on every little thing. And then see yesterday’s Shui to help today’s efforts along as well. Ps . . . if you’re sending gifts or cards today, just like a certain jolly ranger we know, check that list - - twice. Or don’t say that I didn’t warn you.
Christmas Cards - Set of 4 - team FEST

DECEMBER 13  SUPER STELLAR HOLLY-DAY! Today really will feel like a holiday! And you know you can find out how and why only if you’re a newsletter subscriber. WHAT? YOU’RE NOT? Hurry - - get to and sign up for my free newsletter so you will never be without this empowering info again!
Boardwalk Hotel Christmas Tree - Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida 8x12 Fine Art Photograph

DECEMBER 14   Mercury trine Uranus makes this a brilliant breakthrough sort of a day! Following hot on the heels of the Super Stellar Day, well, this surely is a swell bunch of days. If you are flexible and in the flow you will find all sorts of opportunities opening to and for you today. Keep the front lights on. Inside and outside the front entryway to your living space. If you illuminate the pathways for opportunities to find you, they will LIGHT. YOU. UP.
Sunshine Print

DECEMBER 16   HAPPY HANUKKAH! Venus squares off against Neptune on this day so celebrations will be best enjoyed if they are easy and simple. Of course lighting NINE red candles in the ‘FAME’ area will get you some recognition and reward as the year begins to end. Lighting eight of them will get you blessed.
Gorgeous Vintage Indonesian Teak Long Candle Holder Wood Engraved Sides Votive or Tea Lights

DECEMBER 19  Venus trine Uranus. A very HAPPY day! Life is unexpectedly loving and good. Angels and cherubs are lucky symbols that will bless you life with good will and peace, exactly what today’s energies promise as well! How about you take an angel under your wing and place some representative of one anywhere in your living and/or sleeping space? Heaven on earth. Just like today.
The Herald Angel Fabric Postcard

DECEMBER 21  Winter Solstice. Sun enters Capricorn while also sextile Neptune today too. A most perfect night for an adventure! Or to decorate the tree with fruit (for a good harvest) and coins (for prosperity) while mistletoe is hung over the doorways to bring healing, peace and love. OR you can carve an image of the sun into the side of an orange or yellow candle and let it blow your intentions up in smoke. Or you can do both. And you should definitely do this: since today is not the end of the world, but, rather, the beginning of the evolution of expanded consciousness, hop on over to my facebook page and read the monthly Shuistrology to see what everyone of every sign should be doing to raise their vibe while taking total advantage of this amazing galactic alignment!
Chinese Coin Replica Brass Color 16mm pack of 20

DECEMBER 25  MERRY CHRISTMAS! Mars enters Aquarius and Uranus in is Aries. Sun squares Uranus as well. What’s it all mean? Don’t overindulge or give in to overwhelm. Keep cool, calm and collected and use side lighting or soft candles to keep easy energies flowing. The scent of cinnamon will do that too! Just boil a bit of the grated spice in water on the stove or spritz a little essential oil around.
Merry Christmas banner decoration mantle garland

DECEMBER 28  Full Moon in sensitive and caring Cancer. Pay down one debt before the New Year comes calling. Finishing up this year inviting prosperity to come and live with you during the next new one.
By the Light of the Blue Moon With Wolf Painting

DECEMBER 30  Sun conjunct Pluto / Sun sextile Saturn too. A great day to find bargains and/or to strike one too. Keep a little plastic bag of sea salt in your wallet to magnetize more money to it. Change the salt every 30 days to keep attracting cash and coin.
Ocean Waves Sea Salt Soap - Awkward Teenager Facial Soap

DECEMBER 31  Mercury enters Capricorn. Mars sextile Uranus. Mercury sextile Neptune. There’s a lot of sexting going on today. Moon in Leo. Jupiter trine Mars. HAVE A HAPPY AND WONDERFUL NEW YEAR, these planets promise all same. And don’t forget to put an image of a red bird by your bed tonight. Ancient traditions tells that whoever looks upon a red bird first thing New Year’s Day will get only good news all the rest of the following 365! My son and I wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy, loving and prosperous New Year!
Red Cardinal Velvet Christmas Ornament