We're a "Warm & Sunny" group of crafters who LOVE the handmade movement! Team FEST is a friendly group of artists who all share the amazing luck of living in the Sunshine State. We work together to inspire each other, advertise and promote our businesses, support each other’s efforts, laugh together and make friends along the way! There are some special members that work behind the scenes to make all of this fun happen:


Rose, Team Captain

Coralette, Facebook

Bee, Team Tweeter, Facebook, and Team Blogger

Chelsey, Team Blogger

Cheri, Craft Show Gypsy
Barbara, Creative Space Management

Renee, Monthly Treasury Challenge Coordinator
Barb, Team Greeter

Cindy, Interviews and Promotions

Beth, Sunshine Kids Coordinator

Cory, Pinterest & Blog Journalist

Kellie, Sergeant SEO