Sunday, January 27, 2013

Florida Safari = Crafters Inspiration

Florida is such an amazing state~ gotta love the awesome tropical weather just about all year round. Being a native Floridian we do often seek out fun natural crafts to work with for our kids crafts like seashell crafts, pine cone crafts and other fun tropical treasures. In Florida you turn one way and your ocean side or like we did today head west and you just might find yourself in the middle of an African safari. Since it was a beautiful outside day we decided to step away from the craftroom and head out for a wild time at Lion Country Safari with our girls. There is nothing like some new inspiration thanks to nature and this last minute adventure did just that. The girls had such a blast on the Safari and later were surprised to see how many crafters on Etsy have items inspired by nature and all those cool creatures we just visited: Fun Zebra prints, cool Lions, giraffes and even leopards too. The genuine colors and patterns are so inspiring and fun to work with. We found all these fun Safari theme items from many of our Etsy TeamFest members. We also included some of our friendly Etsy shop owners that are living right there close to the Lion Country Safari savanahs. I wonder if they hear the Lions roar in the morning? Enjoy these fun Safari themed treasures from your TeamFest and West Palm Beach , Florida Etsy shops. When its time for a little new inspiration take the time to step away and just look around. Might be surprised with what you find! We will be posting new items with safari inspired patterns for sure. Here's our latest
And some Fun Pics from our Lion Country Safari Adventures today! See you Soon. From Beth