Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Renee Browns Designs

Renee from Renee Browns Designs 
Winner of our team FEST Lottery 
(yes... that was in March)

"Handcrafted Jewelry and Crochet. I take special care to perfect each piece so it will last. Thanks for your interest in my items, I hope you find something you love and can't live without. All jewelry will arrive to you in a lovely gift box ready to give to that special person or keep for yourself."

{Shop Profile - a crafter for as long as I can remember}

I've been a crafter for as long as I can remember, the purse I carried on my first day of school was made by me (with a little help from my Mom and Grandmother), from that day on I've had a passion for making things with my hands. Crocheting is my favorite creative outlet since it was my first, making beautiful Jewelry is next. After years of doing craft shows, art festivals and selling my creations I've brought them to Etsy. I still do craft shows several times a year but just local shows as I don't travel due to my work schedule.

Beautiful work Renee!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

In My Corner with Our Team Captian

Okay I am so late on this article so please forgive me.  Today we get to look into our team captain's craft room. Did you know she has multiple stores?  Busy, busy woman here and it is no wonder why, again we have another lucky person who has a whole room to work in.  So far everyone who has their own room has taken over their kids rooms as they moved out.  So only hmmmm at least 20 years before I get to do the same. 
Rose's room connects to her bedroom so she can slip right in after waking or in the middle of the night easily.  Her colors of yellow and pink are left over from the kids who occupied the room before her. But did you know that yellow is suppose to inspire creativity? So what a perfect color for a craft room.
Also don't you love all this light in this room?
She got into crafting while living in Rome and she had a low salary and pretty much had to get by. She learned to save money by renovating older things to keep up with the styles. She also is a firm believer in using what others may not want because there is always a latest and greatest out there. As you can imagine much of her inspiration is from flee markets and estate sales, "treasure hunting" is how she put it. And you will see many treasures though her space that she uses. 
She just revamped her area for this new addition. (which you can read all about here: http://pennyboperoo.blogspot.com/)

and now has a place for all her felts! (ahh...because, besides being GENTLEMANSEMPORIUM and RECREATIONALART - yes - she is also PENNYBOPEROO!). How does she do it all. I am having trouble keeping up with this article and my shop.  (Sorry again for the delay here and the repeat.)
She also created an awesome mailing station which is neat and organized.
Below is one of her favorite repurposed items: the backing of an old computer paired up with some cassette cases to make a business card holder! Then an old beaker holder to hold scissors and tools. How ingenious. I love it when crafty people give us great easy ideas.

This side of the room holds all her inventory,  the sideways bookcase and the wicker cabinet are more 'found' pieces. She is definitely really good at finding treasures people do not want anymore. 
She does most of her team and Etsy work sitting at this other table (another salvaged piece) which is right next to her mother's old sewing machine table which doubles as Loki's daybed. She put a bird feeder right outside the window there so he can watch the birds and squirrels and probably dream about catching as many as he can.  What a perfectly spoiled cat.

and then the back of her corner is the closet. 
 Besides her computer she cannot do without her Irvanfiew photo editing program (free online) and she fines it very easy to use. (Thanks for the tip Rose)
also: Ziploc bags! She uses them for everything! tiny ones hold her jewelry creations and the vintage accessories to keep them from tarnishing so quickly and dust free and bigger ones keep her felt creations from getting dusty and stay clean. I know what she means there with all the fabric I have around here.

Her tip for you today is wedding favor packaging. Because they go in and out of style so often crafts stores put them on sale like no body's business and then you can use coupons and wahla they make the perfect packaging for your sales. I love this idea. Cheap and beautiful packaging.  I so enjoyed Rose's space and learning more about her. Thank you Rose and as always...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Something Blue" April Team Challenge

Team FEST has been hard at work creating something blue for the bride. Please view the choices below and then vote for your top pick by using the voting poll in the right side colomn ->.
 Voting ends at midnight on April 30th.

Wedding Earrings

Blue Denim Colored Wine Corks

Bracelet Natural Gemstone Blue Aventurine and Moonstone

Bridal Necklace and Earrings Set in Crystal and Pearls

Swarovski Aquamarine Earrings

Kitchen Dish Towel Blue and White Bon Appetit Embroidered

Blue Lace Meenakari Earrings

Blue Glass Heart Ornament Hand Painted on the Inside

Handmade Avocado Cucumber Soap, Blueberry Scented with Crushed Sage

4 Tier Dessert Stand

Wedding Favors, Customized Lip Balm

Blue Apatite Bali Bead Necklace

Clutch, Purse, Wallet, or Makeup Bag in Blue Floral 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April FEST Blog Spring Fling Giveaway

Our April FEST Blog Giveaway features a Zipster Pouch and a Mini One-Snap Wallet made with a red, white and blue patriotic stars and hearts pattern and lined in navy blue by JeniLuScraps.

The Zipster Pouch is big enough for all your little essentials and small enough to grab with your pinkie or slide onto your belt loop or keys.

JeniLuScraps is a mother/daughter team who fashion many of their unique items using recycled fabric. They bring new life to used fabrics sharing ideas and inspiring each other to create lovely and useful items like the Hipster Bag with Adjustable Strap below.

You can visit JeniLuScraps at their Etsy Store to see more of their eclectic and creative wristlets, bags, pouches, wallets and many more items.

HOW TO ENTER: Enter to win this wonderful Zipster Pouch and Mini One Snap Wallet by checking out JeniLuScraps or any of the FEST member shops listed on the top of our Blog Page. Find your favorite item, share it with us and tell us why you love it. Remember to add your email address or contact info so we can connect with you if you are the Winner! Winner picked on 05/03/12. Simple and Easy!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April's Em- Power Days

If you are not familiar with Ellen Whitehurst then you should be!
Ellen Whitehurst is a Better Living Expert and is recognized as the country's premier expert in Feng Shui and other empowering modalities.
If you would like to know more about Ellen Whitehurst, you can subscribe to or read her website.
And as part of this month activities, we would like to share our picks from the Florida Etsy Street Team to help your Shuistrology for this month.

APRIL 4  Mercury the Messenger gets out of his own way, and ours too, by moving forward and going direct today. We're still not out of the proverbial woods yet since Mars is still stuck in stall, but this is certainly a good start. And, well, even though you can't always get what you want, today, you just might find that you get what you need. Especially if what you need (or want) is approval from that special someone(s). You can hurry that huzzah along if you ring a metal bell or hang a metal wind chime in your 'HELPFUL PEOPLE' area. You can find directions to all suggested locations on my website at www.ellenwhitehurst.com. Activate this area and your approval rating will skyrocket!
Kerani - Copper Bells & Raku Yin Yang Bead - NECKLACE 

APRIL 5   Venus, the planet that plays hard in the areas of money and love (and profoundly influences all same) is squaring off against fantasy-fueled and nebulous Neptune today. It is seems to good to be true, it probably is. That's if 'it' is even real??? Ask yourself this question on this day: "Is it fake or is it real?" If it's fake, cut it loose and, then, shake loose. Literally. Lie down on your bag and raise your arms and legs up. Now, like a dog that is shaking water from its coat, shake your arms and your legs and count to ten. Shake off all the phony baloney and negativity. Do this four times in succession and then burn some incense where all that shakin' was goin' on. Whole lotta shakin' will bring you equally as much positive peace!

Lilly Pulitzer Mouse Pad Laptop Mousepad in Shake Your Feathers with Matching Coaster


APRIL 6  Full Moon in balanced and bygones leaning Libra shines of Good Friday and illuminates the start of Passover. Bitter were the denials and the betrayal and are the herbs. I think a Prayer for Strength from Cornug's 'Handbook of Angels' is our call to action on this day. Let's go ahead and invoke Archangel Chammuel three times all the while knowing that he joins with your personal power AND your personal will to assist in the accomplishment of even the loftiest goals ON HIGH. Be very specific with this angel as he can be your newest bff. Say the following at least three times today: "Mighty I am the Love, Power and Wisdom to realize (insert your goals here). Mighty I AM. Mighty I AM. Mighty I Am. Because MIGHTY, you is!
Wire wrapped Angel earrings. 14K gold filled handmade. 

APRIL 7  Venus squaring off against her biggest booty caller Mars making for sparks flying and heated communications today as well. Although I'm pretty sure she's only starting this squabble for the make-up sex. If you want to have a heated hook up too use red sheets. Spray essential oil of ylang-ylang around the room and keep it lightly lit – JUST the room that is! You shouldn't be lit at all unless you were having some champers with your aphrodisiac oysters and/or chocolate covered strawberries. Just sayin'!
Pure Romance Spa Soap 

APRIL 9  Venus sextiles Uranus and then tells you to take a risk or go on an adventure today – either one (or both) will pay off in pretty positive and possibly prosperous ways! Just don't forget to carry a couple of fresh sprigs of parsley on your person to protect you as you go. Do as the ancient Romans did and promote all the magical powers of parsley, an all-purpose herb that protects and purifies at the same time. And that loves an adventure! Take a risk, take some parsley and take the time to turn your luck around! THAT'S what today is all about.
Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme NOTE CARDS 

APRIL 13   HEAR YE, HEAR YE! SUPER STELLAR DAY IS HEAR YO! Now, you know you can ONLY get this info if you're subscribed to the free monthly newsletter and you know you can sign up for all same at www.ellenwhitehurst.com. Join the Empowered Elite and get your super duper stellar day info every month so you can take total advantage. Yo.

APRIL 15  Sun opposing Saturn. Yuck. Just when we thought is was safe to dive back into the flow of new and exciting opportunities comes energies that aim at teaching life lessons, the hard way. Okay, here's our plan – cross every T! Dot every I. Don't ever let 'em see you sweat and don't overlook a thing. A taxing day to be sure but surely a nice relaxing Epsom salts bath (2 cups) to which 9 quarter size pieces of orange peel have been added will certainly wash today's shite right down the drain. Literally.

APRIL 21  New Moon rising in Taurus while the Sun sextiles spiritual Neptune – inspiration ALL around but most especially spilling out of the Arts. What a great day to either take in a show or create one yourself. Tap into your own inspirational and creative abilities by taking time to trigger the 'Creativity' arena in your own home. Located at the center or middle of the entire right-hand side of your house, you can activate these energies by playing music in this area or putting an image of a rainbow there or even by adjusting by offering complementary elemental energies as well. Seven metal coins placed anywhere inside the 'CHILDREN/CREATIVITY' area will make your mind a fertile canvas. Go ahead and birth your own art today. Happy. Birth. Day. 

Colorful original pen and ink drawing, rainbow colors. frame included "Spectrum"


APRIL 22  Mercury the Messenger is chattin' up a highly charged Uranus continuing yesterday's inspirational energy while also guaranteeing that ideas that come out of the blue will snap, crackle and POP! You can actually assist all those imaginative energies to take root by hanging a clear quartz crystal anywhere above your head. Even if that's on the backboard of your bed. Sweet dreams are made of this.

Crystal Quartz Necklace


APRIL 23  Sun trines Mars. This is some mighty high, high, high energy that could be made manageable, productive and prosperous by adding some Maca to the mix! Maca increases energy, endurance and stamina in an all natural and wonderful way. Enjoy some today and bring all that excellent energy down to earth. Not only will you catch what all the Buzz is about but you'll feel like you can go to infinity and beyond! 

Beveled Stained Glass Suncatcher Window treatment Yin Yang


APRIL 25   Uh oh. Mercury is squaring off against an already retrograding Pluto putting a damper on the already disagreeable downsizing. In fact, today's energies say that downsizing beats upscale ANY day, but, if you want to take advantage that think in more practical terms. That's the one way to ensure some practical magic taking the edge off. In the case that you might need more support than put an image of a mountain immediately behind you so you can scale any upset with peace and calm and any downsizing with an upbeat attitude.

Silent Snowfall ACEO


APRIL 27   The Sun trines Pluto today putting you in the proverbial driver's seat. Especially if you putting your pedal to your mettle in any sort of real estate transaction. Because of all the realty related energies floating in the ethers today I thought that I'd spend the day giving real estate Shui tips and techniques over on my Facebook page. So if you're buying or selling I'll be giving the lay of the Shui land at www.facebook.com/EllenWhitehurst! Come join me for a cyber open house! See you there!

 Art Block - tree houses