Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Save the date! Dec. 1 & 2, 2012

It is time to register for our Holiday Market! That's right folks, you know how time flies when you are having fun?~ And I just know all of you are out there having a blast getting ready for the holiday season, so I am here to remind you to take a brief time out and go on over and download the application so that you can get it in as soon as possible and secure your spot for this long awaited for event at the Florida Agricultural Museum in Flagler County!!!

*Vendor spots are not limited to team members, but to those that call Florida home!
**We are hoping to spread the Etsy love and share our support for all things Etsy - so even if you are not an Etsy member, but are thinking of becoming one then please come out and meet some of our fabulous shop owners and some of our SUPER Fabulous Florida Etsy Street Team members!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Florida Places: Daytona Beach Board Walk

The Daytona Beach boardwalk is a great place to take the whole family. My brother and his wife were in town recently so we took advantage of the rides on the beach. You can often find free 2 hour parking on main street just across A1A.
There is a great view from the top of the ferris wheel. And there are other fun kid rides and my favorite, which is go carts.
Happy little customers guaranteed!
Be sure to check out our Team Fest Members in Daytona! Article and photos by Cory of Aquarian Bath.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sunshine Kids Craft Corner- Christmas in July Seashell Angels Christmas Ornaments

We are so excited about this months Kids Craft Idea! It's straight from the Sea. Our family had the pleasure of a wonderful Mini Family Reunion this month on the West Coast of Florida at Sanibel Island. It was the most wonderful experience as our girls are reaching the age where they were really able to interact and be involved with all the family fun. There were just about 50 of  us all together and children ranging in ages from 22 to 6 months. We even had mini crafting sessions with the kids making seashell jewelry and creating our giant personalized reunion cups! (Have to keep the crafting generations going!)

Now of course, Sanibel Island is known for it's incredible Seashells! The girls just couldn't get enough and of course I am looking at them all going ohh. we can make this.. ohh. let's make that. Just fun. As a crafter I just love Christmas in July so we decided that our first Childrens Craft with these incredible seashells would be Christmas Seashell Angels. We are making them for each family from our reunion and don't worry we will have some for you too! 

Supply List:
1. Shells
2. Ribbon Color of Choice
3. Ribbon or WireWrap Gold for Halo
4. Glitter
5. Hot Glue Gun
6. Embellishments of Choice
7. Round Bead or Pearl for Angel Head

Step 1: Pick from your seashells two shells for the seashell angels wings and one larger shell for her body and a bead for her head.
Step 2: If you like glitter ( we do!) go ahead and apply some glitter to your seashell angels wings and body

Step 3: Cut your Ribbon to your preferred length for hanging your Seashell Angel Ornament and with Adult Supervision use the glue gun and apply glue to the back of the shell body and attach your Ribbon

Step 4: Attach your Seashell Angel Wings using the glue gun and allow to time to dry
Step 6: Apply Gold Ribbon around the Halo Bead you Selected for Your Seashell Angels Head and then Glue Just above the Wing Shells

Step 7: Apply your choosen embellishments like stars, sequens or rhinestones

So now you have these beautiful Seashell Angels that can be hung on your Christmas Tree, Given As Gifts and adored forever as they made by the hands of your favorite little people.

If you would like supplys for this craft stop on by our Etsy shop and we have a DIY craft set available just for you.

Happy Christmas in July!

Friday, July 13, 2012

In My Corner With Memories in Mosaics

So if you have never checked out Memories in Mosiacs shop now is the perfect time.  She has the most unique patterns and her work looks great.  I need a new shelf in my little area and think this one would be a great touch

Memeories in Mosiac has a awesome background story which I want to share,

"I first started doing mosaics after I had seen a bathroom in the “Parade of Homes” in Denver. They had taken tiles of all kinds and made a really funky backsplash in one of the bathrooms. I immediately decided to experiment with my own guest bath and not only did the backsplash but also the entire top. From there I moved to table tops for myself and all my friends and family. At that time I was using a hammer to break large floor tiles into small enough pieces.

A few years later I inherited lots of costume jewelry from my Mother-in-law and wanted to find some way of displaying it so I started playing with putting the pieces into a mosaic around a mirror. It took me a while to figure out what worked and what didn't, but the learning process was well worth it. Both of my sisters loved the idea and sent me some of their jewelry along with pieces of dishes that had broken, old doorknobs and even some unusual buttons to make their keepsake or "Memory" mirror. This is how "Memories in Mosaics" started."

Her area is neat and organized and well decorated.  I just reorganized my stuff again and it took me two weeks.  I have made a mid-year resolution not to do that again (let it get messy or not reorganize I haven't decided). 
Everything is so neat and organize I almost feel the need to clean my house again when I see her pictures.  LOL. I think I may resist that urge for the moment.  These are her finished pieces as well as her uncut dishes ready for her to work with.  Did I mention her husband made these shelves for her?  What a great husband!!!!

Although I must amit I am totally wondering about the white heels on the shelf!! They are totally something I would wear.  Although it would totally intrigue me if she was going to try and mosiac them. 

Back on topic here though.  She told me she keeps a folder on her computer when she finds fun designs.  She uses photos, magazines, fabric and greeting cards as inspiration for her work. She has a great background in Interior Design of 10 years that she uses daily with her work.
She said "It's really not that much different from decorating a room-just a lot cheaper."

She also likes to keep personal things around her. Photos of her kids, keepsakes from her childhood, inspirational words and phrases and her I Love Lucy Collection. Which I assume she watches on the nice tv in her space while she works.  Whistle while you work or in her case watch I Love Lucy while you work. ta ta da da da da ta. 

Her must precious piece of equipment in her spacer is her wheeled cutters. They are what she uses to cut dishes into tiles and tiles into shapes. She uses these nearly every day in some way.

Pictured above is one of her storage tips for you today.

"Organization is key for me. I want to be able to easily find the colors of tiles and gems I need for a project. I use “Crystal Lite” containers for my gems (half marbles) and glue one on top so I know what color is in that container. They are all sitting on a 3” x 50” shelf my husband made that sits at the back of my desk. I also glued a tile of each color and style I carry on a 1” wide stick and attached it to the shelf so I can quickly determine what color I need without having to go through piles of tile sheets.

My last tip is keeping my cut dish tiles in color coded plastic boxes. If I'm doing a custom mosaic and my client wants mostly purple, I can quickly see what I have. In the 2 black bookshelves (pictured above with the tv) is where I keep all my loose tiles (in preserve jars), tools, extra gems, and piles of tile sheets."
Thank you Memories in Mosiacs for sharing your space and reminding us to stay neat and organized so that we can be more efficient while we work. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas in July Sale and Giveaway from the Daytona Etsy Team

The Florida Etsy Team is pleased to sponsor a Christmas in July giveaway from the Daytona Etsy Street Team.  Members of the Daytona Etsy Team are participating in the Etsy Christmas in July Sale which is going on now through July 22nd.  Check out the participating shops in this lovely treasury.  You can find the sale information for each shop in their shop announcement on their main shop page or listed here in the blog post.  Sales range from free shipping to a percentage off of the total sale.

Members of the team have also offered over $150 dollars worth of generous prizes for this great event for 10 lucky winners.  These prizes happen to be great Christmas gift ideas for men or women.  Check them out and enter to win now through the end of the sale, July 22nd at midnight.  Receive extra entries each day by promoting the event or making purchases from one of the participating shops mentioned in this blog post.

Win this Red Scrunched Gypsy Bag by Gypsy Blue Designs, a charming cross body bag for a day on the go. These are the perfect size for your daily necessities in a flirty slouchy scrunched style.  Use the coupon code:  "CIJ2012" for free shipping when you shop at Gypsy Blue Designs.

These blue wine cork magnets courtesy of The Wooden Bee would make a nice addition to any kitchen. Each little magnet can pull a little over 2 pounds and holds down several sheets of paper. Magnets are drilled into the corks.  The Wooden Bee processes hundreds of corks every month and only hand selects the best for their magnets.  Use the coupon code "DAYTONAETSY10" for 10% off entire order at The Wooden Bee.

Bead Lovers Korner is giving away this great stocking stuffer, a Glass Beaded Keychain in bright red with black swirls, complemented by a Clear Swarovski crystal with an Aurora Borealis finish. You can use the coupon code "DaytonaEtsy15" for 15% off at Bead Lovers Korner.

One entrant will receive one of Seventy1Percent's Fishing T-shirt Fish, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.  What a great gift for a hard core fisherman..  Seventy1Percent also has great womens and baby's T-Shirts.  Use the coupon code "DAYTONACIJ10" for 10% off your entire order at Seventy1Percent.

Kreative Kreatures of DeLand, Florida is giving away a pair of her festive Red and White Peppermint Lampwork Earrings.  These would look great with a holiday party outfit.  You can use the coupon code "Christmas" for 20% off in her shop.

Aquarian Bath of Daytona Beach has offered one of her new Extra Stout Beer Shampoo Bars to one lucky winner.  This is a great Holiday gift idea for beer lovers.  Aquarian Bath's entire Christmas in July Section is on sale at 25% off.

These stylish clutches are made by My Seaside Shop of New Smyrna Beach from beautiful brocade fabric with woven sea stars.  One entrant will receive a gold clutch with brown sea stars.  You can use the coupon code "DaytonaCIJ" for 15% off on all pillows in this shop. 

This luxurious Vanilla Latte Body Polish is a stimulating coffee sugar Scrub made with rich coffee butter and exfoliating turbinado sugar.  One 8 oz scrub was donated by Shanti Aromatherapy for this giveaway.  Use the coupon code "CIJ20" for 20% off at Shanti Aromatherapy

Two little pillows plump with aromatic organic lavender would make fantastic stocking stuffers. This screen printed seahorse is printed with eco friendly ink on natural linen.  Two pillows were donated for this giveaway for one winner by SeaSideCandy of New Smyrna Beach, FL.  Use Coupon Code "DaytonaCIJ15" for a 15% discount on all pillows in this shop.

Tessie Textile of Daytona Beach is giving away this Elvis pot holder.  Elvis potholders make a charming hostess gift or stocking stuffer for the Elvis fan in your life.  Find a great selection of Holiday gift items at a great price in her shop; use the coupon "daytonaetsy10" for 10% off.

Other participating Daytona Etsy Team shops with Christmas in July Sales include:

LydiasLovelies Save 20% off with coupon code "DAYTONACIJ"

DelicateAdornments Use the coupon code "FREESHIPCIJ" for free shipping on international and domestic orders.

PurpleThumbprint Free domestic shipping with coupon code "DAYTONACIJ". International orders should contact her for special discount code.

AsianInfluence Use the coupon code "DaytonaCIJ20" at checkout for a 20% discount on all shibori pillows

Monday, July 2, 2012

In My Corner with Chantal Marie Living

Welcome to Chantal Marie Living's space where she makes all her beautiful different types of bags as well as home and car accesories.  My favorite in her shop would have be be this right now because I am in total beach mode for the summer.  My kids can't get enough of the sand and water.  So I have stocked up on my sunscreen and love stylish beach bags!!!  

Chantal works in a beautifully lit area with gorgeous windows that allow lots of light in.  Her wall color is yellow (does this bring back memories of my previous article in which I said yellow inspires creativity?).  Her work space doubles as the diningroom and she looks neat and organized.
  I love the tile floor!!  I feel like tile is a must in FL, especially south FL.  It is so hot the cold tile is a blessing. Also wood down here almost always bows over time because of the humidity and during rainly season you will track in mud over your carpet daily.  Love the easy clean factor of tile and she was even smart going with a darker grout color as light colors never stay light in my house!!

She could not live without her commercial sewing machine.  It was her first  serious professional purchase and she said it has serviced her very well.
" It's an old used sewing machine that was used in its previous life as a teaching tool in a home ec. class. So I feel good that young people have used this machine for years and hopefully they learned a lot," she shared with me.
Chantal has been sewing since she was a little girl. She recieved her first sewing machine at the age of 6 and loved it.  She was taught a lot by her mother, who she said is a wonderful seamtress. She also picked up a few tricks on her own after not sewing for a time period. It has been only recently after her sons stop their sport activities that she found she had nothing to do and made herself a seatbelt cover and started up again.Then she thought it would be good to sell on Etsy after she began making her Mola pillows

"My husband refurbished this wonderful dresser that I now use to store some of my fabric. It has so many drawers and it looks wonderful in my dining room/work area. I have also picked up a cabinet one of my neighbor decided to get rid of. It works great, just needed a little cleaning and holds more of my fabrics. I cannot have too much storage room for them."  I agree with her. You can't have too much storage for fabric or too much fabric (actually I just had 8 bolts dropped off from Michael Miller as I wrote that. Talk about timing) and I love the handles and dark finish on this dresser!!!

She started with one sewing machine three years ago and since then has added 2 more machines.  I love this table and it remaids me of the table I really want when I have my own room.  Everything closes up and is put away when guests appear. 

When asked where she gets her inspiration from she said,
"I love colors and textures but I want my items to be useful. When I see a friend with a bag, sometimes it's embarrassing as I'll inspect the bag inside and out to see its details and construction. I'll go in a store and start drawing a cool looking bag just to get ideas. I love to travel and get ideas from the places that I visit. There is so much possibilities.

I come from a French island in the Caribbean and I love colors, music, the outdoor, and foods that have interesting taste. Spice up the food, try a little ginger or coconut, put some herbs, anything to give it flavor. The food in Guadeloupe is a mixture of French and island flavors, so it's the best of both world!"

She also talked about her family a lot: her sons, husband and mother and you could tell by her words that family is important to her.  Thank you Chantal for sharing your space and beautiful words.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July's Em- Powering Days

If you are not familiar with Ellen Whitehurst then you should be!
Ellen Whitehurst is a Better Living Expert and is recognized as the country's premier expert in Feng Shui and other empowering modalities.
If you would like to know more about Ellen Whitehurst, you can subscribe to or read her website.
And as part of this month activities, we would like to share our picks from the Florida Etsy Street Team to help your Shuistrology for this month.

JULY 3 ………   An emotionally charged Full Moon in adventure loving Capricorn while aggressive Mars makes his way into balanced Libra.  Now, even though emotions COULD run high and conflicts COULD arise neither one of those things has to happen - - especially if you taste the rainbow.  No, I’m not talking Skittles, but, rather, doing a little rainbow meditation that works wonders.  Visualize a rainbow circling around each chakra, starting at the crown and working its way down the front of your body.  End with it pouring into a pot ‘o gold that you just happen to be standing on.  OR you could hang a clear quartz crystal in any window that gets sunlight and stand in the prism of color it creates to absorb that rainbow of light.  Because, well, somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly.  But the ones associated with happiness will now be winging their way to you if you choose either or both of these empowering exercises.
Rainbow Chakra Peace Sign Necklace

JULY 4 ………   Mercury the Messenger evens out the previously tense times by aspecting Uranus while Venus is hooking up with that same electric planet.  LUCKY Uranus!  Lucky for the rest of us as well, especially if we take advantage and say what we mean/mean what we say.  Whether that’s in a text, tweet or good old fashioned email, TODAY is the day for some meaningful written or spoken communications!  Surround what you say or write with pink light that comes directly from your heart so everyone will LOVE your message.  And, lest I forget, because it IS Uranus - - if the opportunity for a quick trip comes up --- take it.  You’ll be glad that you did!
Pink Toned Stained Glass Candle Holder Updated Geometric Design

JULY 13 ………   Uranus, the planet that governs all things unexpected and surprising is going retrograde until December 13.  I’m so confused…does that mean I shouldn’t expect the unexpected or should just be really surprised when it happens?  Either way, let’s cover all the bases by taking a page from Flo Shinn’s excellent affirmations and say:  “I expect the unexpected, my glorious good now comes to pass.”  Simply, well, glorious.  And waaaay good too!
Kerani - Copper Bells & Raku Yin Yang Bead - NECKLACE

JULY 14 ………   Uh oh.  Sun squaring off against Saturn and the heat’s on.  Literally.  In relationships.  And, well, with Mercury the Messenger going retrograde today too it might be time for some relationship reviews.  Who stays and who goes?  OR what can you do to overcome obstacles to peace and love?  Change your sheets.  Yes, you heard right.  Change your sheets and change your life.  Or at least change the sheets and change the relationship shit.  Try to get some new pink sheets because they carry the fire red ones and also infuse you with a lovely and loving vibe.  Oh, just do it.  Especially if you’re having difficulties with significant others.  Sleep in heavenly - - pink.  Sweet dreams.
Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend for Bath or Massage

JULY 17 ………   Mars, in a good mood, is trine expansive, generous Jupiter today making this a clear cut runner up for Super Stellar Day of July!  Even with Mercury sitting in stuck for a few weeks.  Mercury’s retro won’t stop you from taking up with a top hat, rabbit and wand today because communications magic is in the house!  Once again, speak from the heart but do be sure to make it awash in golden light before you Say Anything.  Now, the only reason today is not the SS day is that Mars is squaring off against Pluto and putting emphasis on following all the rules and regs.  And you know how I LOVE to break the rules right?  But, for today, follow them to the T.  Speaking of tea, a cup of chamomile might make the day easier and breezier but a cup or two of tulsi will make it a WHOLE lot luckier!
Mug : Red & Drippy Grey Stoneware Mug by Symmetrical Pottery

JULY 18 ………   Mars opposing Uranus.  YIKES.  Cool.  Calm.  Don’t give a shit about the collectors.  Breathe.  YIKES.  All day long, whenever you take in a conscious breath, think PEACE.  Eat and swallow PEACE.  Drink down PEACE.  Think PEACE all the day long.  PEACE within, peace without.  Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with ALL of us.  PEACE.  Get the message?
Baby Bodysuit - Green Peace Sign Embroidered Appliqued Onesie on Gray, baby boy or girl, 3-6 mo, 6-9 mo, 9-12 mo,

JULY 21 ………   Ahhhhhh, that’s better.  Jubilant and joyful Jupiter sextiles electric Uranus.  Abundance and adventure vie for your attention and your spirit soars!  Makes this the perfect day to Go Green!  Having healthy live and green plants around the house, especially planted in the center of one, will increase oxygen levels and bring a big boost to your mood.  You know what does the same thing?  Hanging photos, pictures and paintings a bit higher than eye level.  Brings your energy up and that’s immediately where your spirits will head as well.  PERFECT day for that activity.  Now, go engage in an adventure!
Sprouts or Grass - Organic Hard Red Wheat Grass Seed or Berries for Sprouting, Wheatgrass, Juicing, Pet Grass, or Decor - 1 lb.

JULY 24 ………   Yet ANOTHER closerunnerup to Super Stellar Day!  Clearly I had some hard choices to make this month, but, this one’s a dilly too.  Mercury is sextile Jupiter which means that the planet of communications is hooking up with the one that offers Christmas every day.  Teach.  Preach.  Speak.  Or write.  Everyone will hang on every word like ornaments on the tree.  Use it.  Or lose it.  But don’t say I didn’t TELL you.  Oh, and, do be sure to wear a blend of cornstarch, powdered sugar and basil essential oil, or, what’s more commonly called CROWN OF SUCCESS powder.  It guarantees, well, you know.
Princess crown earrings

JULY 25 ………   Mercury trine Uranus but Mercury’s retrograde so it’s not as propitious as you might think.  Just spend time reviewing new solutions to some old sticky situations.  Really.  Take time to take a look at some relationship riddles and how you might be able to solve them.  One way is to play soothing classical music around your space.  OR play any music that you LOVE.  Oh, and speaking of love, put a pair of pink candles in the ‘RELATIONSHIP / ROMANCE’ area and light them today.  Let them get all hot and bothered while you stay cool and figure out a more marvelous way to bring caring back to the conundrums.
I Am Music  Artisan Pendant

JULY 30 ………   SUPER STELLAR DAY!  Venus trine Saturn.  Love.  Is.  In.  The.  Air.  And if you want it to bathe you in beautiful vibes than just follow the Super Stellar advice.  Now, c’mon, you know you can only get that if you are a subscriber to the free monthly newsletter.  Quick, get over to www.ellenwhitehurst.com and sign up.  Oh, did I say it’s free?  But the advice is invaluable!  Go.  Move.  Get!
Stellar Hologram Gold Tone Anson Tie Bar

JULY 31 ………   The vibe starts to shift and enthusiasm, optimism and HOPE FLOATS!  Doodle a green star all the day long.  An ancient symbol for hope that literally brings it to you OR you can meditate on an image of one too.  Either way, here’s HOPING you take advantage.  August is going to get the (pool) party started, but, for today, and like I said, HOPE FLOATS!
Butterfly Trinket Dish Hope in Blue