Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wise words for a Happy Saturday and Holiday Season!

Some wise words shared on our team page and I just felt that it is something that could be shared with everyone today - Thank you Rose for all that you do for our team.

You just never know. 

Dealing with so many members here on this team alone I get an inside glimpse to so many peoples lives and I gotta tell you: you just never know.

worries, pains, issues, problems, distresses,
we all have them - some more, some less. and day by day things can get better and they can get worse.

remember when you are dealing with people out there: you just never know.

I remember one day when I was having a relatively difficult day and emotional turmoil had taken over and I had a rant of road rage . I am more than sure that the lady I cut off cursed me all the way home and, although I felt really bad afterwards, I could not take back the fact that I did it but in that moment I couldn't control myself. and that's when I realized, I understood, that sometimes these things happen and, well, you just never know.

a lot of us are aware that holiday shopping is crazy and it's understandable to think that some people out there ARE having several levels of difficulty getting through this season, whether it be emotional or financial or other, and many times a smile and a kind word is what could be just the thing that helps someone get through the next moment.
please be kind out there.
please keep in mind that the holiday season is just another part of the year and we are all humans making our trip through life and helping each other is part of our lives and part of our existence.
medical issues, financial problems, family turmoil are a sad but true part of our lives and whether you realize it or not, most people you know are going through these at some level.
"no excuses, no regrets". be kind, because you just never know

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