Monday, November 26, 2012

Pinecone Crafts from Sunshine Kids Craft Corner

Agh the Holiday time. So many fun and beautiful handcrafted things to make and do! This is a great little handmade pinecone ornament craft that you can so easily make with the special little one's in your world. Let that imagination run free with Pinecones~ here's what we came up with. Reindeer Pinecone Craft Ornaments Supplies 1. Pinecones from the Yard! 2. Glitter Pens in Various Colors 3. Carpet Cleaners in Various Colors 4. Little Pom Pom Balls in Various Colors 5. Sticks from Around the Yard 6. Leaves from Around the Yard 7. Googlie Eyes
Step 1 Using a little Glue ( Elmers or Glue Stick) Add Some Silly Googlie Eyes to your Reindeer Step 2 Once those Eyeballs on are there good. Grab a fun Colored Pom Pom for your Reindeers Nose
Step 3 Time for some fun Antlers. These can be made with sticks from yard ( very rustic and cute) OR you can also use carpet cleaners and bend them in fun shapes. Then find a snug little spot on each side of your pinecone to slide them in and add a little glue. Step 4 Reindeer like to be able to hear so grab some nice little leaves from the yard and walla! Reindeer Ears!
Step 5 Make a Hanger by taking two pipe cleaners and twisting them around one another ( like a candy cane spiral) and connect them to either side of the PineCone with a good Twist! Step 6 GLAM! Get out those kid friendly glitter pens and add some pizzazz to your handcrafted reindeer pinecone ornament.
SMILE and Happy Holidays FromBeths and the Sunshine Kids Craft Corner

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