Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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Today Rose: shares Sugar Coated Grapes!

Ok, this is an old one - but I find that sometimes I forget the old ones and get carried away with way too intricate recipes that they are teaching now a days! This is really a simple fun recipe that has more wow factor than you can handle, but better yet you can let the little ones do this one while you are working on dinner and let them feel like a part of the program!
These pictures were from Thanksgiving, hence the orange Sparkling Sugar For Baking - but with ALL the color choices now a days you can make these any time to color coordinate with your holiday or party theme! If you are going to do something like pink sugar it would probably be best to use a light green grape so that the color sparkles, I used the purple ones because I just thought with the orange coating they had more of a Harvest feel.....of course now that I see them here in these (poor quality) foto's (yes, I used my cell phone) they kind of look like they would have been PERFECT for my Halloween party!
A few simple ingredients and you can have a great appetizer or a dessert to go with fruit. You will need a tiny amount of Light Corn Syrup - and believe me when I say a little bit goes a very long way! just keep rolling your pre-washed grapes in the corn syrup until they are all coated.
(ok, I let my grandson roll up his sleeves and get in there with his hands and feel all the ooey goeyness of it!)
then you put your choice of colored sprinkles in a bowl and you roll your grapes in it!

and voila!~ it's that easy. Keep them in the refrigerator until you are ready to present them to your awed guests!