Saturday, December 10, 2011


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#10 ~ TODAY'S Tutorial By RecreationalArt where you will find Unique Jewelry Creations and Vintage finds

Today Rose shares: Sweet Potato Pie Empanadas!
During the holidays I am all about simple, low cost, easy recipe's to fill in around the turkey and ham and all of those sides. If you have never used Goya's Empanada Disks
you do not know of ALL of the possibilities you are missing out on! I love love love these babies! You can find these in the frozen foods section, I have noticed a lot of grocers now have a GOYA section. I always have a package on hand because they can be filled with ANYTHING! you can make them salty, savory or sweet depending on what you have in your fridge!
A couple of years ago I had left over pumpkin pie filling and decided to try this out, everyone loved them so much now I make them every thanksgiving and Christmas to go with dinner!
I use a canned pumpkin pie filling (of course you can use sweet potato pie filling or even fresh!), some pumpkin pie spice to your liking and if the filling is not sweetened you can use a sweetener of some sort (I use agave), mix it all up and then fill each disk

then fold, crimp and bake~
when they are golden brown take them out, let cool a bit (the inside is hot). I wrap them in tin foil and keep warm until it's time to serve. SO easy!
...oh, and now you all have had an insight of how old skool my kitchen really is with that turquoise-teal color looking counter tops! yep. it's REALLY vintage!~ lols

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