Sunday, December 18, 2011


Count down to 2012 - Our gift from FEST to you!

#18 ~ TODAY'S Tutorial By Runningwithescissors where you will find a large variety of splendid scrapbooking supplies to suit your fancy!
Today Barbar shares: Simple Holiday Candles

A quick trip to Ikea for some candles and I was off to play. I used 7 Gypsies Tissue but there's also some just out from Tim Holtz with musical notes on it that would be stunning too.
Tissue paper has little weight to it. Make sure your cuts are straight if you’re covering the whole candle as I did. I found using my big cutting surface and large straight edge, I got the best cut.

I held the paper to the candle with a very small amount of tape from a tape runner. Make sure your candle is parallel to the tissue paper, even the slightest angle will throw off your symmetry. Test before you tape and commit.

Start heating on one side of the seam and work your way around in 1 inch increments. Adhesion takes very little heat, keep the gun moving and smooth as you go. The very last thing I did was heat the bottom and top edges to make sure everything was adhered.

About $11.00 worth of material and I think I’ve got a smashing holiday gift for someone. Then again, it may never leave my mantle!

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