Friday, December 2, 2011

2011 Holiday Count Down #2

Count down to 2012 - Our gift from FEST to you!

#2 ~ TODAY'S tutorial by Tierrasolpaz, where you can find some very lovely mixed media art and home of some of the most stunning photographs out there!
 A touch of glistening snow on natural pine cones make a fabulous addition to your holiday decor. This easy craft is great for filler in a decorative vase, string them together to create garland, or get out the hotglue gun and attach to a napkin ring!


Pine Cones - any shape or size
Paint Brush
Egg Carton (used to hold the paint and for drying pines cones)
Glitter Paint (find at the craft store near you)

Load your paint brush with the glitter paint and stroke downward with the grain of the pine cone. I like to add dollops to each layer of the pine cone ... let dry and continue with opposite side.

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  1. Great idea! I could do that if I weren't so busy.. I have tons of pine cones out here! Thanks Laura!