Sunday, December 4, 2011


Count down to 2012 - Our gift from FEST to you!

#4 ~ TODAY'S Tutorial By TheWoodenBee where you will find a fine collection of unique, handmade products that have been made from reclaimed materials with love!

Make Your Own Wine Cork Tacks

Check out this fun idea I had to reuse wine corks as thumbtacks!

What you need:
- oak wine corks or oak champagne corks
- drill
- glue
- thumbtacks
- hand saw, optional

First decide how you want your corks to look. You can drill the holes in any side or end of the corks. You can also cut the corks down or in half. This is done best with a small hand saw or knife.

Choose a drill bit that is close to the size of your thumbtack and start drilling. You only want to drill deep enough for the head of your thumbtack to slide into the cork. Try comparing the length of the tack, to the length of your bit & see where to stop. Slightly rotating the drill bit in circles will help remove the cork pieces & increase the hole in size for a better fit, if needed. You might want to practice on a cork to get a feel for drilling.

Place small amouont of glue in the hole & then push in thumbtack. Let dry 24 hours. We use craft glue & clear thumbtacks.

If you aren’t into using a drill or would like to purchase some, we have a few sets of wine cork tacks available on our Etsy shop.

Happy Crafting!