Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Are You Thankful For? ~ Aurorasoriginals

Not too long ago I asked my team "What Are You Thankful For?" And some amazing stories were told. I would like to share one with you today:

AurorasOriginals shared this beautiful story:

I recently married a man I knew immediately after high school. My own son has graduated high school and moved on into a life in the Army. My husband has 3 children- oldest in college, middle turns 16 this year, youngest just turned 6. Im finding bonding with these new children difficult at times. Building jewelry has been part of my life for years, my son was used to beads all over the place, the step children are not as tolerant. I sat down one morning and started working with wire- in a few minutes, the youngest was sitting beside me fingering through the beads in the tray, asking about color, shape, what was I going to do with these? I asked him what he thought about them and he said they would make great earrings- he carefully dug through a box of metal pieces until he found just the look he wanted- and he created the earrings in this set. I was so impressed, we created the necklace to match so my ears wouldnt be lonely all dressed up. I told him if this set sells, he gets the money- since he created them- he asks me everyday "have they sold yet?" I want to get a ........ (everyday that changes LOL)

glass beaded jewelry painted glass jewelry matching set beaded necklace dangle earrings metal bead jewelry-Chess
So pretty! Thank you for sharing~

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