Saturday, November 5, 2011

In My Corner with Tierra Sol Paz

Today I am honored to share with you Laura from Tierra Sol Paz 's little corner.  Her entire one bedroom apartment is 706 square feet and she had to really plan out her crafting space. I am amazed at how well she created this area for herself with such limited space.  It tells you that no matter how big or small your home you can have a corner of your own to devote to your crafty side.

She told me when they first moved in she had her supplies all seperated into 4 plastic tubs which were stacked on top of each other in a closet. She commented on how demotivating it was to be crafty when she had to "stack, unstack, stack (repeat) to access supplies." I have to agree there I had that experience-no fun.  She said she looked around the apartment and saw the shelves next to the fireplace and thought "... hmmm this could work.
Add curtain... and voila!! a crafting nook!"

I must say I love it.  She labels her bins and drawers so she knows where she put things b/c I must admit I have reorganized my area several times and I always find I can not find where I put an item and spend 30 minutes to an hour looking for it. 
Here is how her lay out works so efficiently:
Top shelf … boards, frames, blank slates for mixed media crafting.
Middle shelf.... papercraft tub (well organized inside) and jewelry making supplies
Bottom shelf … in each of those containers are in progress projects. It makes it easy (working in a small space) to just pull out the project container and inside are all the tid-bits and supplies that are needed. This shelf also houses her paints and paintbrushes.

And when she needed more space she told me:
"Quick trip to Ikea and found a solution. These drawer units are perfect for the space. Each drawer has a purpose clearly labeled. The top surface of the drawer units is the perfect amount of space to store completed projects and projects that are drying!!"

She also keeps one tub for her stash (you know the stuff you have been harboring for that perfect project you haven't found yet, I know you all have one too, I have several hahah a horrible crime I know). She brings this out when making new items.

Now you are probably asking...okay so your supplies are organized in the nook...but WHERE DO YOU CRAFT???

I must admit I was wondering myself with such limited space organization is key and she has got it down.  I admire her for this.
Her comment to where she crafted was, "I often craft right at my couch using the “coffee table” … or I use the dining room table for larger crafting. The downfall to not having a designated space to spread out … I have to clean up and put things away after a crafting session...I live with a dog, cat, and husband … so I do not have the luxury of just leaving it out. My cat would totally enjoy it though! ahhh the joys of apartment living. It didn't always used to be this way I have had the pleasure of having my own crafting room, but I'm working with what I got!"
I feel she has done wonders with her corner. 

I saw a quote once that said "I am creative you can't expect me to be neat too." and I sometimes live by that but when your  space is very limited you still want to invite guests over and have a place for them to sit, so great job Laura on your space and thank you for sharing.


  1. Love it! Great post and ingenuity!

  2. Laura you have done great things with such a small space - perhaps you should pop round and come and organise me ;~D so nice to get to see where we all work