Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Are You Thankful For? ~ DMCJewelryCentralFL

Not too long ago I asked my team "What Are You Thankful For?" And some amazing stories were told. I would like to share one with you today:

Delaine of DMCJewelryCentralFL shared this beautiful story:

I have a guardian spirit, I often believe. That little insistent voice in your head that tells you things you'd rather not hear but need to. This time it told me to stop sticking my head in the sand about certain health issues and take action. Thankfully I listened and just narrowly missed being diagnosed with cervical cancer. Simple surgery is all that's needed but if I had continued to ignore my little voice the outcome would have been far worse. I'm just thankful it's not my time to check out yet. Have a wonderful day and hug the ones you love! :o)

Guardian Spirit Lapis Sterling Necklace
Indeed Special! Thank you for sharing~

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