Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Are You Thankful For? ~ WJFLINSTONE

Not too long ago I asked my team "What Are You Thankful For?" And some amazing stories were told. I would like to share one with you today:

Wilma of WJFlintstone shared this beautiful story:

I have a blended family with two wonderful daughters born to me and one daughter and a son that grew in my heart after I started dating their Father, whom I later married. I work in a jail and until recently with the teenage offenders. Plus I've seen how many people over the years have had trouble of varying degrees with their children from youth through adulthood. I have been blessed with children who have grown into adults with not enough troubles given to the parents to even mention. While there was some adjustments to be made blending the families even those where mild. So this year as always I am Thankful and blessed by my wonderful Children! I did not originally intend to expand my crafting into jewelry making, but I saw a pendant that was perfect for one of my daughters and made it for her birthday. That expanded into gifts for each daughter and also my son for xmas. Each was thrilled and firmly decided that I should add some of these to my etsy shop. And thus began my jewelry making. Now I'm totally hooked.

Beaded White Heart Necklace

Very Nice! Thank you for sharing~

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