Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Is Your Birthstone?

Hello fellow FEST members. It is me Melissa again, and that must mean it is Wednesday. Last week I shared the beautiful Kunzite with you all. Did you check it out? Please do if you didn't. This week I am asking the question, do you know your birthstone? If you do, do you know the meaning of your birthstone? For example I am a Peridot, and it means Dignity. Years ago, when I was ahem much younger, Peridot was not found in good quality and I thought it was oh so ugly. Now that I make my own jewelry, and have found that there is some of the finest most beautiful qualities of Peridot, I wear it with great pride and dignity, LOL! The ring pictured is one I have in my store. I would love to own it for myself, but since the setting is rhodium plated it can not be resized, and I wear a five, this is a seven. So of course I am hoping someone who will love it, will buy it. Watch the video below to learn your birthstone and meaning, then be sure to comment and share with all of us. Happy Wednesday, have an awesome day! It is kind of rainy and icky today.


  1. That ring is beautiful! No wonder you are having a hard time parting with :-)

  2. Thank you, and you are welcome.