Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My First FEST Post

Hello Team FEST, this is Melissa. This is my first post on the team FEST blog. I thought I would say hello, and tell a little about myself. I live in Gilchrist County, but moved from upstate NY six years ago. I started collecting gemstones as a hobby about eight years ago. After I collected so many I decided I better learn how to make some jewelry. While I enjoy making traditional types of jewelry, I am beginning to learn beading, wire wrapping and other forms of jewelry making. I actually have three blogs, and one I moderate for my son. We homeschool, and I am a part time nurse, so my days are quite busy. I will be posting on Wednesdays, and I will try to pick topics that will be interesting to everyone, not just jewelry makers. I know one topic that is a thorn in my side, is getting good photos of my jewelry. If you have a hard time too, this video will hopefully be helpful to us all. If you have any tips or tricks that work for you, please share with all of us. Happy Wednesday to all!


  1. really good tips in that video!
    can't wait to see what all you will be sharing with us Melissa, thank you!!

  2. great, thanks! Its nice to meet you =)

  3. That is the one thing I HATE about the jewelry design process: photographying my work. And I'm a photographer!

  4. Thanks to all of you, and Kelly I agree. I am not a photographer but I do consider myself a bit of a fun photographer and jewelry is my arch nemesis, LOL! I look forward to posting each week. If anyone has a specific topic I will do research and post.

  5. Thanks for a great post!
    I wonder if I can apply the same techniques to photographing cards...

  6. Welcome Melissa!

    I am Captain Maricruz of the SS Tesla Time Traveling Airship and I am a fellow blogger like you! It's nice to see someone else contributing to Team FEST as well.

    I love writing posts for my fellow FESTers but it is rather difficult juggling my duties as a merchant, designer, artisan and Captain. I am already dealing with the Notorious Red Baron (which is a handful as it is) and it's nice to have a fellow blogger help me and the other FESTers!

    Sorry for the rambling. Have fun and I am looking forward to blogging with you.