Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Pep Talk From Captain Maricruz

Greetings from on board the SS Tesla!

Hello my fellow FESTers! I am writing this post in regards to give all of you some words of encouragement. I understand that doing craft/art shows is pretty tough and it's not easy, but my best words of advice would be to hang in there.

I understand that times are tough and these times are certainly hard for artists, but don't fret! The more you appear in the Art/Craft show circuit, the more people will know your work. There will be shows that you do well and there will be ones that you won't do so well.

If you really love making crafts and this is what you're passionate about, hang in there. Things have an interesting way of working themselves out. If this is what you're not passionate about, then find something that makes you happy.

I have seen my shares of ups and downs and I'm sure all of you have as well. Just hang in there, everything will be okay. Don't worry if you haven't sold anything on Etsy or at the shows, things have a way of working themselves out.

Well that's it for me this evening. I need to get back to fixing the propeller the damn Red Baron shoot off in the last fire fight.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Captain Maricruz

An interesting resin tutorial for all of you resin artists out there brought to you by Rosa Murillo:


  1. While browsing the Space Coast Craigslist I found something I thought might be a neat idea... There was a post by a crafter saying that they were looking to get together with about 6 other crafters to create a sort of “yard sale craft show”. Basically, no fees, but every year each member would host two mini craft shows in there drive way. All 6 artists would have a booth each month. This way it would be a constant rotational thing every month at different locations for people to come and buy crafts and the artist wouldn’t have to pay any kind of fee. It sounds like a pretty interesting idea…

  2. That is a wonderful idea! Where are they located?