Friday, April 1, 2011

May I Have The Envelope Puhleez...

...and the winner is...Mandy of TwinkleJewels85!!! Her March Challenge entry was the Peridot Wire Wrap Earrings and Bracelet.

Let's all congratulate Mandy on her amazing wire weaving skills! Mandy has the option of having her Etsy mini or an in-depth interview displayed on our blog. As promised, she will also be featured on my Inner Muse Jewelry blog :D Also, a big round of applause to all our March Entrants. There were more entries this time than ever before and they were wonderful representations of our group's diverse talents.


  1. OH my goodness I am so excited about this!! I am so appreciative and cant wait for my interview :)!

  2. Contratulations Mandy! this is truly a gorgeous piece!

  3. This bracelet is gorgeous and deserved to win - I even voted against myself by voting for it ;~D. Congratulations Mandy