Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Diamond Is Forever

Good morning fellow FEST team members, and anyone else who may come across this blog. Last Wednesday I missed my post, because I was at Seaworld with my family. So this week I thought I would talk about April's birthstone, the diamond. Did you know that originally a pearl was the engagement stone, and then sapphire became the traditional engagement stone? Then a company started marketing diamonds as the engagement stone, and has become quite wealthy in the process. I personally am not a traditional kind of girl, and do not particularly care for diamonds. I do love colored diamonds, however. A diamond is basically just atoms of carbon all pressed together to form the diamond. There are three videos below. The first is a short history of the diamond. The second one is very cool, and I included it because if you have a microscope and Windows you can do this as well with gemstones, jewelry or any other small items you might sell. It is very cool. The last one will explain the grading process of diamonds. I find all this stuff fascinating, as a gemstone collector, and I hope you will too.

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