Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vote For Your Favorite "Spooky" Artwork!!!

The poll closed and we have a winner, CreativeArtCenter !
Look for a feature article about this artist in November.

We have an unbelieveable group of artists!!!
Halloween must be a big favorite because 17 Members jumped into the "SPOOKY"challenge. What a variety of items!

"Halloween Handbag" by iWunder

"Boy's Halloween Mummy Longalls" by Kid's Fashions

"Black Magic Clarifying Charcoal Soap" by AquarianBath

"Halloween Headband and Clippie Set" by FlyByNiteCreations

"Spooky Halloween Fabric Postcard" by zizzybob

"Mini Dracula Plush Monster" By Handmade3D

"Spooky Halloween Silver Cocktail Ring" by RecreationalArt

"Bite Me" mosaic by Acenal

"Silver Eyeglass Holder with Spooky Cat" by Angeloco

"Skeleton Domino Pendant" by QuirkyDolls

"Witch Is Me" art doll by FringeArtst

"Witches Brew" by CinfulArt

"Lil' Halloween Tote - Sparkly Spiders" by JeniLuScraps

"PSpooky Halloween Hat" by CreativeArtCenter
The Winner with 66 votes!!!!!!

"Halloween Romance Necklace" by GreenHeathTreasures

Halloween Lampwork Bead Set Fragiacomoglassart


  1. What great items!!!!!!! I cant believe I forgot to submit mine!!!

  2. Wow - I honestly don't know who to vote for - they are all great!

  3. Am I missing something? I can't find the Black Magic Soap in the list to vote on.

  4. great works everyone!:-)

  5. ....all very great - some really spooky too!

  6. What "scary" things. Congrats to all for these wonderful challenge and your hard work. I voted.

  7. All are cool, but the PSpooky Halloween Hat - by CreativeArtCenter ro me is the best!!

  8. Caraca maluco que treco mais horrorível ( horrível + terrível )rsrsrsrs. Votei no chápeu de bruxa pq é de dar meduuuuuuuuu.kkkkkk
    Rio de Janeiro - Brasilllllllll.