Friday, October 23, 2009

Sept Team Challenge Winner!

Congratulations Zizzybob on winning the Birthday themed Sept. team challenge! My Birthday just happens to be in Sept and I would have been beyond happy to receive a Zizzybob Bday postcards in the mail!

These mini quilted works of art make just saying “Hello” or “Thank You” a special treat! Stop by the Zizzybob store and pick out postcards to keep on hand for every occasion. You can get these unique cards for about the same price as a fancy (but not nearly as cute or handmade!) card from the store.

Postcards aren’t the only things you’ll find at Zizzybob. Check out this adorable little gobbler! Tom the Turkey is dying to be a part of your Thanksgiving dinner (pun intended ;))! And for only $17, you couldn’t find a more perfect or less expensive center piece for your Thanksgiving table.

Barbara, the talent behind Zizzybob, also hand crafts coiled fabric bowls. This traditional craft is finding a new place in modern d├ęcor and she has lots of styles and designs to choose from.

Find more Zizzybob handiwork on her blog:


  1. this stuff is amazing!!! So talented!

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    I hope you choose to follow me because we try to have a new giveaway every Monday and I wouldn't want you to miss out :)

  2. I loved your spooky submission as well!!

  3. I love her fabric baskets. She just joined our flickr group and you can see all her photos of past sold items. Really pretty stuff!