Thursday, October 8, 2009

SPARKLY Winner QuirkyDolls!!

And the winner of the SPARKLE challenge is… brrdrdrdrr (that’s a drum roll of course!)… a FEST blogger extraordinaire, Terry of Quirky Dolls!

Terry’s creativity is evident not only in the design of her quirky dolls, but also in her item descriptions. The stories in each of her listings make me want to meet these little characters for myself. Allow me introduce you to the sparkly beauty who won this challenge, Julia:

Julia loves her hip hop classes and recitals. I think it's ALL about the costumes! She lives, eats and sleeps in costume decora! This harajuku fashion and makeup is her absolute FAVORITE...Ask her anything about Japanese fads and trends... she knows it all!
Julia is a 12 inch soft body doll wearing a satin lavender "Hello Kitty" and dragonfly trimmed dress. She is adorned with an eclectic mix of cute charms, ribbons, flowers and beads.
Her gorgeous face is painted with glitter, gems and petite geisha lips. Add a fuzzy blooming cushion and she's "over the top" with Japans favorite fashion!
Not safe for children under 6.

Terry is keeping it quirky with her latest addition, domino pendants. Check out this super cute elephant design. Click on over to her shop to see some really great Halloween themed pendants as well (I hope we’ll get to see one of those with this month’s SPOOKY challenge!).

Terry’s attention to detail, beautiful handiwork, and imaginative combination of materials is sure to make the Quirky Dolls shop one of your favorites!

See more Quirky Doll goodness on the blog, twitter!


  1. Every one of your dolls has soooo much personality! (more than some people I know;o)) Congrats Quirky!!!

  2. Your dolls are great. Their personalities are adorable. You must have a super imagination.

  3. Terry your dolls are awesome!! Congrats!!

  4. Quirky Indeed!!! Love your new pendants - all the flair of you imagination shine through

  5. These are really wonderful! Love your unique talent and style! :) Congratulations!!

  6. thanks everyone! The pincushion dolls are well loved and draw many encouraging comments, however they have not sold. I'm going to focus on the pendants for the holidays :)