Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sunshine Kids Craft Corner- Christmas in July Seashell Angels Christmas Ornaments

We are so excited about this months Kids Craft Idea! It's straight from the Sea. Our family had the pleasure of a wonderful Mini Family Reunion this month on the West Coast of Florida at Sanibel Island. It was the most wonderful experience as our girls are reaching the age where they were really able to interact and be involved with all the family fun. There were just about 50 of  us all together and children ranging in ages from 22 to 6 months. We even had mini crafting sessions with the kids making seashell jewelry and creating our giant personalized reunion cups! (Have to keep the crafting generations going!)

Now of course, Sanibel Island is known for it's incredible Seashells! The girls just couldn't get enough and of course I am looking at them all going ohh. we can make this.. ohh. let's make that. Just fun. As a crafter I just love Christmas in July so we decided that our first Childrens Craft with these incredible seashells would be Christmas Seashell Angels. We are making them for each family from our reunion and don't worry we will have some for you too! 

Supply List:
1. Shells
2. Ribbon Color of Choice
3. Ribbon or WireWrap Gold for Halo
4. Glitter
5. Hot Glue Gun
6. Embellishments of Choice
7. Round Bead or Pearl for Angel Head

Step 1: Pick from your seashells two shells for the seashell angels wings and one larger shell for her body and a bead for her head.
Step 2: If you like glitter ( we do!) go ahead and apply some glitter to your seashell angels wings and body

Step 3: Cut your Ribbon to your preferred length for hanging your Seashell Angel Ornament and with Adult Supervision use the glue gun and apply glue to the back of the shell body and attach your Ribbon

Step 4: Attach your Seashell Angel Wings using the glue gun and allow to time to dry
Step 6: Apply Gold Ribbon around the Halo Bead you Selected for Your Seashell Angels Head and then Glue Just above the Wing Shells

Step 7: Apply your choosen embellishments like stars, sequens or rhinestones

So now you have these beautiful Seashell Angels that can be hung on your Christmas Tree, Given As Gifts and adored forever as they made by the hands of your favorite little people.

If you would like supplys for this craft stop on by our Etsy shop and we have a DIY craft set available just for you.

Happy Christmas in July!


  1. These are adorable!! I love the little hands :)
    and what a great idea to make something like this at a family reunion! thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing the simple step by step instructions. I'm saving it!