Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunshine Kids Craft Corner- DIY Kids Party Favors

Everyone loves a creative and fun kids party. The best part is when you have the time to allow the children to be a part of creating all the fun party favors, centerpieces and games that go along with it. As a mom of three, I know that you don't get the pleasure of doing these kinds of things with your little one's forever so kick back, seize the moment and craft away with your Little Treasure Too!

This month the girls and I have been experimenting around with little Pillow Favor Boxes. These little guys are so much fun and actually once you have all the pieces that you will need, the kids really had a blast putting them together. Imagine, you can work with your little one to make these sweet little party favors in any color or theme and actually for any holiday or special event. Fill them up with some stickers, candies and little themed whatnots and your on your way to great Favor or Gift Idea!

Here is what you will need.

1. A sheet of card stock paper cut out as 6 x 6. Two sided is nice to use just make sure it's heavy enough
2. A pair of Scissors
3. A scoring knife or we just used a plastic knife
4. Glue or double sided tape
5. A CD or a Can from your Pantry

Optionals: Depending on your theme or idea you can embellish these with stickers, stamps, ribbons,glitter  and more. We still love Elmo so we had some Elmo letters around for ours!


1. Cut your sheet of card stock to 6x6
2. Fold down about 1/8" on one side ( this will become your seam)
3. Fold the paper in half

 4. Using the CD trace and cut out each end of the paper so both ends are rounded

 5.  Then flip the CD over and trace from the corners in to make an almond shape on the paper. These will be your ends that fold it. Trace the CD with a score tool or just a plastic knife
6. Now that all your parts are layed out go ahead and glue/ seal your pillow seam. Give it a minute and then Pop It Up a little bit
7. Fold down the two ends where you scored the paper ( Starting to look like something now!)
8. Embellish your pillow pocket however you would like ie. stickers, letters, glitters what ever makes your little one's smile! 
9. Add a little bow to it or around it and Walla! A fun handmade kids craft idea for your party. They will be so proud that they were a part of making them.  

Way to Cute!  Have some fun with creative ideas for crafting with your kids.

See u soon.




  1. Really cute idea! Also great idea for the blog!

  2. Your Elmo party favour bags are so cute! Kids will definitely love receiving them and opening them up to find all sorts of goodies. Thank you for sharing your idea.