Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sunshine Kids Craft Corner

We have a new blogger for the Etsy Street team! My name is Beth Morgan from SFL and I am simply what I call a "Family Crafter." My girls and I craft, well we craft just about all the time. We ended up with so many fun things we had made that we opened up a shop on Etsy and are having so much fun. The Etsy community is a great base of wonderful heartfelt crafters from super skilled artists, jewelry makers all the way down to a whole lot of mom's who love to craft with their children. The latter is where I fall and since I do enjoy finding things to make and do with my girls I have volunteered to bring some of these fun and cute ideas directly to you here with my Etsy Street Team gang.

I am a generational crafter, my mom always had a jam packed closet full of fun things to make and do. Rainy days were never a bummer when I was growing up. It's hard sometimes to get in the one on one with children as they are always running here and there for sports, friends, playdates and whatnot but I have found that carving out that special little "craft time" for us is just so rewarding. They are my favorite shoppers.

So.. over the next bit I will bringing to you new Kids Craft ideas right here. We tend to be mostly paper crafters but I know that many of my Etsy teammates will have some actual "skilled art" ideas that will be shared as well! So go ahead and subscribe and join our RSS feed to get Kid's craft ideas sent right to you.

Since this week is Teacher Appreciation Week we have been having ALOT of fun. We have picked flowers from the yard and made handmade smiley face chocolates and since tomorrow is the last day... we are making thank you cards.

After looking around the girls landed on these adorable purse thank you cards.

Here is what you will need:
8 1/2 by 11 inch heavy paper or card stock
Paints (optional) crayons work just perfect
Embellishments of your choice (ie. glitter, sequences or anything you find around! That's what crafting is all about)

Total Time is .. laff well about an hour.

Here are the instructions from one of our favorites. Family Fun!

Happy Card Making!


    Purse-onal Greetings - Step 1 To make one, first decorate both sides of an 8 1/2- by 11-inch piece of heavy paper or card stock--one side for the outside of the purse, the other for the lining. We used acrylic paints to make fashionably bold stripes on the outside and stamped geometric shapes with light-colored ink pads and small stamps on the inside. Allow the paints and inks to dry completely.
  1. Purse-onal Greetings - Step 2 With the liner print faceup, fold up the bottom 4 inches of the paper, then draw a purse body shape on the doubled portion and a handle on the remaining single layer of paper.
  2. Purse-onal Greetings - Step 3 Cut out the shape, then cut along the arc just below the handle (leave the bottom intact) to form the purse's closure flap.
  3. Purse-onal Greetings - Step 4 Use tacky glue to attach plastic jewels to the handle, as well as a single jewel to the flap for a latch.


  1. absolutely LOVE it!!!! very fun and pretty too....and I can see these little purses as invitations to a girlie sleep-over!

  2. So cute and such a wonderful idea for the team blog too@

  3. Such fun now to find some younger kids who won't roll their eyes at me so that I can pretend I am making it for them ;~D