Friday, March 16, 2012

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Well no not really. I am actually Dutch and French descendent. But are we not all Irish on St. Patricks Day? Good Friday morning, everyone. I hope everyone saw the treasury contest and got in your entries. I got mine in, it ends tomorrow, so hurry. I have shared a little video on the history of St. Patrick's Day, History Channel has a very good one as well.

In my spare time, spare time hmm, I have been trying to take new pictures of my jewelry and with a new camera to boot. We bought some new plants and for some odd reason I had a thought to add the jewelry to the flowers and see what kind of pictures I get. I like them, they could use some tweaking, but they are unique. Tell me what you think. How do you take unique and different pictures of your items? Taking good pictures is very time consuming, and a topic that is often discussed in groups. We all know a good picture can say so much. I have others listed on my jewelry blog. If you would like to stop by and give me some constructive criticism, I would be very happy.

I love the color green, it is fresh and alive. For those of you who read this, comment and leave me a link to one of your places you would like to share. It can be your store, blog, Pinterest, or other site. In three days I will share all links on my blog for some linky love. I do this each month, and last month only had a couple of takers. Come on and get some free linky love. Have a wonderful weekend to all of you, and don't drink too much green beer!

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