Sunday, March 11, 2012

Greetings From The SS Tesla: 03/11/12

Hello Team FESTers!

I have another crafty project for all of you. Actually I have two but that's beside the point. For this week's blog posting I am going to post two links for a series of tutorial videos. One for making synthetic dreads and another for making cyberlox. These falls and wigs are perfect for going to the club, cosplay, or for any other occasion you would like to wear them at. You can find more of these videos at Doctored Locks. I am going to post the links below.

Here is the links for Synthetic dreads tutorial videos (I recommend using Kanekelon Hair for these):

Here is the link for the Cyberlox:

Happy Braiding and styling!

Good Luck and Godspeed,

Capt. Maricruz

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