Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In My Corner with GardenWhimsiesByMary

A little note before starting my piece. If you have never checked out Mary's garden stuff I definitely think you should head that way after the article because I have to admit that I use her in almost all my treasuries.   Okay now that that is off my chest I can begin.
After being down-sized from a corporate job in 2008 and working part-time, Mary wanted to do something "creative and fun to earn money." So to supplement and not have to go back to a full-time job Mary created Garden Whimsies. 
"I've been an avid gardener for 15+ years and have always been a "flea market" junker when it comes to decorating my garden. I believe you can decorate your gardens the same way you'd decorate your home. I've been repurposing other peoples' discarded treasures for years for use in my garden. I love fun, whimsical gardens where you find unexpected treasures."
In 2010 after seeing a picture of a glass totem she liked she put together a few things using ceramic and glass pieces and asked her friends to crique them.  Guess what, everyone of those pieces sold and they told her to make more. 
Her  studio is her daughter's old bedroom (again jealous a whole room).  Where there is a shelve that holds her daughters old trophies that is slowly getting taken over. She has a stronger will then me ladies b/c I would have packed those up already and invasion fabric and notions. 
Although she would love a huge craft room she thinks it is better then the kitchen table where she started at was.  She got a table from Goodwill (got to love thrift stores) and made a skirt to hide boxes and supplies.
 Her huge supply of unexpected treasures are stored on shelves in closets through out the house.

 She said "Thank goodness I have an understanding husband who puts up with me hogging all the closet space." Amen to that huh girls.  You know how they say behind ever good man there is a woman shaking their head, well I think behind every crafting woman there is a man shaking his head and smiling.  Mary also believes the best part of having a dedicated studio is that you can leave your projects out and just close the door if you don't want to see a mess. Not that she is messy of course. "Well, maybe sometimes LOL." she told me.  I love the fact that there is a broom and a cleaning supply can still trying to keep their spot in the closet.  There are so many times in my house that I go hmmm that needs a new spot b/c I need to put something else there.
What inspires Mary?
 " I never knew I was creative until my children were grown and I became a grandmother. Probably because I was busy being a wife and mother, while being employed full time for 30 years. My time now is split between my part-time bookkeeping job, taking care of my precious 19 month old grand-daughter Bella and creating my garden whimsies. I find inspiration in many things . . . my garden and art for example. My garden whimsy designs usually begin with an 'inspiration' piece. That could be a fabulous teapot or beautiful plate that I find when I'm out "junkin" at the many, many thrift stores in my area. Once I find that special piece I can't wait to get home to see what other pieces I have that will go with it. At that point I'm already designing the piece in my head."
She just can't live without "(1) My Tomboy Tools caulking gun (ergonomically designed for women)" I am sorry but just the name makes me think of her with a huge gun with shell casings at her feet. "(2) Picnic, my photo editing program. I am not the photographer in the family, so I need all the help I can get to help make my photos look good." Yes I understand Mary- that is why I send free items to photographers to take pictures on their children. "

(3) A Lazy Susan for creating my garden totems. This is just so darn helpful for spinning the garden totem around while I'm working on it. " For that, all I can think about is that I love the fact that my new kitchen has one.  Pots and pans are just so much easier to get. Oh right we are talking about craft spaces not my kitchen. 
Her storage tip Rubbermaid 36 gal storage bins. "I can store lots of whimsies in those bins. They also come in handy for transporting my whimsies to craft shows."

Thank you Mary for sharing and Enjoy,


  1. Barbara,

    Thanks so much for the great write up on my garden whimsies. I did take over ALL the space on the shelves in my studio afterall LOL. Preparing for this article got me into clean up mode so now my space is more organized than before. Thank you for nudging me along in that direction.

    Thanks again,


  2. I love Mary's garden totem's, and I especially love seeing these items repurposed where as many of them would otherwise still be sitting in the back of a thrift shop collecting dust these will play with the fairies!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your space with us!! I love all of the cute decorations you create!

  4. Oh how lucky you are to have an understanding man. I love your work space. You can see why your items are so cute & lovely. Thank you for sharing your most loved space.

  5. Great article, I am still doing my work at the diningroom table! I love your work Mary, it is so fun and colorful!! Thanks for sharing.