Friday, February 3, 2012

February's Em- Powering Days

If you are not familiar with Ellen Whitehurst then you should be!
Ellen Whitehurst is a Better Living Expert and is recognized as the country's premier expert in Feng Shui and other empowering modalities.
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And as part of this month activities, we would like to share our picks from the Florida Etsy Street Team to help your Shuistrology for this month.

FEBRUARY 1 - Uh oh, Venus and Mars aren’t making nice with each other!  Looks like these cosmic consorts need a time-out.  Could be that you might like one too.  Some will be extra touchy/sensitive while others are just plain too entitled for our tastes.  Any way you go, it’s a bit of a difficult day so let’s go ahead and make it all better.  Cleanse and clear your space with some violet incense (the ‘happy’ incense according to Feng Shui) or simply smoke out the shit using any incense at all.  Frankincense and sandalwood will do the trick too.  Just be sure to stand at your front door and walk the main floor in a clockwise direction holding the incense, cleansing and cleaning the negative vibes until the smoke clears.  Literally.
Sandalwood Solid Perfume

FEBRUARY 3 - Neptune packs up and returns home to Pisces today!  This planet now plans to take up some radical real estate in its homey sign until 2025!  This is big shi(f)t!  Especially for anyone with dominant Pisces in their charts!  THIS will be YOUR decade.  For all others, this Neptune move signals a shift into a new age of revolutions and romanticism, rebellion, imagination, intuition, idealism and creativity.  From ANY search engine download an image of something called ‘Neptune Magic Wand’ (looks like a trident with an arrow/point at the top) and position that in the ‘CHILDREN/CREATIVITY’ area.  Leave it there until 2025 if you know what’s magic, um, I mean, good for you!
Little Miss Magic, Applique Swaddling/Receiving Blanket, Ready to Ship

FEBRUARY 5 - End of the first 15 days of the Chinese New Year.  All new Flying Star cures can now be put into place.  Follow me on Facebook to see what/when/how/why to get the most out of this year-altering information.
Happy Chinese New Year Dragon Linocut original hand printed limited edition

FEBRUARY 7 - Full Moon in dramatic scene-stealing Leo while Saturn sneaks off and goes retrograde where he will stay in stuck and stall until June 25.  That means that now both Saturn the Taskmaster and aggressive warrior Mars are both appearing to move backwards in the skies at the same time.  Frustrations and the BIG D (c’mon, you know I’m talking about DRAMA!)  Chaos chimes in as well.  Do whatever you can on this day to channel your irritation and annoyances into something constructive.  At the very least don’t let the drama do any damage.  With your index and middle fingers, press against your temples, while using your thumbs to press against the hairline on your neck.  Work the thumbs from there to the other fingers, slowing moving along while exerting slight pressure.  Always press firmly enough to lose feeling in the area being touched.  This will IMMEDIATELY release stored stress but can’t really do anything about the asshole with the road rage in the car next to you!  Blame that on the bs happening high in the sky and let your fingers do the walking while the drama queens do the smack talking.  That’s the ONLY things your fingers should be doing today though, capiche?
Headache Relief Pure Essential Oil Blend - Sample Size

FEBRUARY 9 - Venus conjunct Uranus – OR – love can be found in the most exciting, electric, surprising and unpredictable places!  Time to meet the love of your life or re-energize an existing one!  If you don’t want to wait for our pending release of our newest product, THE POWER OF LOVE (due out on February 14, of course!) and you want to take total advantage of these extra-special stellar energies, then, go out and paint the town red.  Wear that same color while you’re at it.  Now, if you really want to fuel the fires, put red sheets on your bed.  Sizzle.  ‘Nuff said.
Shoe Print - Paso Doble Ballroom Dancing Flower Shoe - Signed and Enhanced with Watercolor

FEBRUARY 10 - My birthday.  Celebrate away!
Pink happy birthday

FEBRUARY 13 - Mercury the Messenger in a harmonious trine with stuck in stall Saturn while also hittin’ up Neptune before entering Pisces.  That’s a lot of mercurial action.  So you can expect a lot of inspiration, ideas, imagination and, yes, communication to be coming your way as well.  Hang a round and faceted, clear quartz crystal over your computer at work or even or your headboard/head of the bed at home.  OR you can hang one from nine inches (or any multiple of nine) of red ribbon, thread, yarn or string from the center of the bedroom ceiling.  Any/all of these cures keep all communications fortune-filled and flowing!
Crystal Quartz Necklace

FEBRUARY 14 - Valentine’s Day and Venus is still enjoying the afterglow stemming from her tryst with unconventional Uranus.  Planets in fire signs will be on fuego and some tempers could go that same way.  Since Venus is on the DL, why don’t you follow suit?  Or don’t say I didn’t warn you about potential disputes, disagreements and even arguments over what it takes to tow the love line.  Now, just in case you totally forgot and put your foot in your mouth, this next step could conceivably smooth everything over.  Place an open container filled with fresh spring water in your bedroom and let it sit there for three days.  At the end of that timeframe dispose of the water and put the receptacle away.  This is Feng Shui 101 for absorbing the angst associated with an argument, you know, in case you dove in head first.
Chubby Wheel Thrown Vase With An Attitude by Symmetrical Pottery Ready To Ship

FEBRUARY 15 - Venus is squaring off against Pluto.  Much like yesterday, romance could be a bit rockier than usual today.  See yesterday’s advice before you decide to step away and reassess the entire situation.
Blue Love fine art print

FEBRUARY 16 - Mercury the Messenger is sextile generous and jovial Jupiter!  Ahhhhh, all better now.  In fact, better – better – almost the best – day of the month that is.  This gift of the present is asking you to unwrap a goal, wish, dream or desire and set it free.  Make a presentation, make a deal, make your dream come true.  Or simply make a wish.  But don’t forget to write it in red ink on four individual index cards.  Place one by your bed where you can see it both morning and night.  One goes on your bathroom mirror while one goes somewhere where you can see it in the kitchen.  Last one goes to work with you – right before it goes to work for you!  Twenty-seven days and you’re good to go.  Start TODAY!
Notebook Blue Gray Butterfly Journal Lined Imagine Dream Wish Laugh

FEBRUARY 18 - Sun shines on Saturn while Mercury makes hay with powerful Pluto.  Harmony all over the place.  Both compromise and compassion in the air with karma pulling up the rear.  First do some random act of kindness before asking for guidance from a maven, mentor or any other VIP.  Deals done today will last forevuh.  And evuh.  Burn those nine red candles in your FAME area and, then, burn baby burn!
Beveled Stained Glass Suncatcher Window treatment Yin Yang

FEBRUARY 19 - Sun shimmies into Pisces today while also conjunct Neptune.  Creativity is pervasive and pressing you to get involved and indulge as well.  Music.  Poetry.  Art.  Dance.  Especially DANCE.  In the ‘CREATIVITY’ area of your house.  Dance to the music that sings to your soul.  You’ll feel like you spent a week at the spa.  Open up and say “ahhhhhhhhhhh.”  Or you can hang a rainbow image in the CREATIVITY too.  Color your world!
The Dancer-  Fine Art Photograph

FEBRUARY 23 - Mercury the Messenger is talking down to aggressive and retrograde Mars and Mars ain’t havin’ none that!  In fact, pretty much anything that any one of us says today will be wrong.  Keep it zipped and keep your distance.  Silence is golden and so is wearing that same color especially if you only think sunbeams and warmth all this tense day long.
Citrine Earrings in Sterling Silver - Faceted Citrine Briolettes - November Birthstone

FEBRUARY 24 - SUPER DUPER UBER STELLAR DAY!  This one rocks!  Of course you can only find this info if you are a subscriber to my free monthly newsletter.  Come on, join the tens of thousands of empowered elite who know exactly how to make the world their oyster!  Pearls of wisdom and wit await!  See you there!
Forest Green PEARLS and Crystals with MABE PEARL Clasp Necklace

FEBRUARY 27 - Sun sexing up Pluto!  People in power want YOU to shine!  Ask anyone.  Or, really, ask them.  No, I mean it – screw up your courage and ask a VIP for a favor.  Or advice.  Or both.  Be sure to wear your CROWN OF SUCCESS powder too.  Quarter cup of cornstarch blended with a quarter cup of powdered sugar with 33 drops of pure basil essential oil added for good measure.  Stir with the power finger from your power hand (index finger/hand you write with) and then wear on your hands (at least) during any proposed meetings with the higher ups.  Speaking of higher up, look at how close you are getting to the top!
Smiling Spaniel with a Crown Original Painting

FEBRUARY 29 - This day only happens once every four years and is said to be a time when a gal should/could propose marriage to her guy.  Take the LEAP but do be sure to hang an image of a two pink peonies to the left of the door to your bedroom before asking for his hand.  With those peonies in place, he’ll pick you, I’m positive!
Bee Mine Pin


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