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Greetings From On Board The SS Tesla: 06/26/11

Hello Team FESTers!

I apologize for the lack of posts last week. I am getting ready to go back to school very soon and my hands have been very tied for the last month or so. Keeping that in mind, this will be a short post today. Today's do it yourself is brought to by Gothic Beauty Magazine:

Tarot Card Tote Bag

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imageIf you enjoy fortune telling, or even just the artwork, you can easily amass more decks than you know what to do with.
Tarot cards come in so many varieties these days, just like everything else in the era of personalization. Rather than letting your less used cards collect dust, you can turn them into a unique fashion accessory.
Supplies: Empty cereal box, Colored duct tape, Tarot cards, Scissors, Ribbon, Mod Podge & paint brush, Eyelet kit (including hammer & solid surface to hammer on).
Starting with the empty cereal box, first cut down the middle of one of the long side panels. You can completely remove the panel if your cut gets too messy, but folding the excess cardboard down around the inside edges will add extra stability. Tape those edge flaps down, and then use more tape to reconnect the top panels of the cereal box, where it was originally opened to pour the cereal out.
The next step takes a little time and patience, so you may want to pop something entertaining on in the background. You need to cover every inch of the box, inside and out, with the colored duct tape of your choice. It might seem tedious, but it serves two important functions. Not only will it add durability — which is important when working with such thin cardboard — but it also gives you a blank canvas to work with. If there are any gaps between the tarot cards, intended or otherwise, a nice solid color will show through rather than cereal logos and nutrition information.
Once the box is totally covered, test a few ways to arrange the tarot cards as decoration for the box. You can overlap cards to completely wallpaper the box, or arrange them as distinct cards that tell a specific fortune. You can use the art on the back of the cards or the front, cover the sides or inside of the box, or even cut out shapes from the cards to use. Just make sure you're happy with your design before you even open the glue.
Tarot tote bag
Depending on where you're working, you may want to cover your work surface for the next step. Use the Mod Podge to glue the cards in place as you arranged them. For the best stick, coat both the back of the card and the surface of the box. It dries clear, so don't worry if you can see some excess around the edges of your cards. Depending on how your cards are arranged, you may have to hold them in place while the Mod Podge dries. Time between coats averages about twenty minutes, so again, plan something to occupy you during the hands-on downtime. When everything is dry, put a top coat of Mod Podge over the entire exterior of the purse. This will keep rain from damaging the artwork, and it also adds yet another layer of reinforcement. If you want to add more decoration, you can build up little peaks of Mod Podge to accentuate details in the art, or you can use glossy Mod Podge to give the whole thing a bit of shimmer.
After everything is completely dry, get out the eyelet kit. Use the scissors to poke two evenly spaced holes on the front and back of the box, near the lip. This is where the handles will be threaded through, and the exact positioning will vary depending on where all the cards are placed. The holes should be just big enough to accommodate an eyelet. Place an eyelet in one of the holes, finished side facing outward. Position your hard surface under the unfinished side of the eyelet, which should be inside the box. Due to the box shape, a counter corner is ideal. Put half of the eyelet tool between the hard surface and the eyelet, and the other half between the eyelet and where the hammer will be. Strike the tool with the hammer a few times, and the back of the eyelet should split and spread, securing it in place. Repeat with the other three holes.
tarot tote3.jpg
Use your body to measure a length of ribbon for the handle. If you want a long handle, run the ribbon over your shoulder and back down to the level you want the purse to rest at. Or drape some ribbon over your palm to measure out a smaller handle. Use your first cut of ribbon to measure an identical second length. Finally, simply thread the ribbon through the eyelets and tie a knot on each end, on the inside of the purse, to keep it from popping back out.
Now you have a tote bag that not only looks one-of-a-kind, but is made to fit your unique measurements too. (Photos by Billy Crum)

Check out the magazine, they have so many wonderful craft ideas for everyone!

Good Luck and Godspeed

Capt. Maricruz

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