Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Greetings From The SS Tesla: 05/17/11

Hello Fellow Team FESTers!

I apologize for the late post as I am dealing with a nasty sprain on my right hand (it's doing better). So today I am going to do a feature on some of our fellow Team FESTers!

K-9 Robot Sculpture - Doctor Who Inspired - Primitive Robots Series - Light Stoneware Rustic Finish - Clay, Wire, paint

This is too adorable! As some of you may have guessed it, I am a huge Doctor Who fan! This adorable piece is from the shop, Robots Are Awesome. There are so many other cute robots that are waiting to be adopted so feel free to check them out here:

I am obsessed with pin-up models of the 40's and 50's. I am also in love with Day of the Dead artowrk and designs (I even made a summer dress with my grandmother with a sugar skull design). Combine them together and you get this bad ass pendant from the lovely Ina Mariana of Glitter and Ghouls. Check out some more of her cute and badass stuff here:

As an expert time traveling airship Captain (and amateur scientist), I need a pair of earrings that make me feel brilliant and nutty at the same time. These beaker earrings are perfect! I also love MadScientistsDesigns vacuum tube supplies too! Check out some more of her stuff here:

How did marcieroxx know that I love feathers?! She must have read my mind! The earrings are gorgeous and the colors are so vibrant and bold! Not to mention she has some really pretty accessories too! Check them out here:

I am a sucker for soaps, perfumes, anything dealing with body and face care really (and why not!? This Captain needs to be clean and fresh and smell sweet!). Anyway, these soaps from RaineeDawnSundries are fun and wonderful to use. They're also vegan friendly too! There are many other flavors available and some samplers too! (SQUEE!!)
Check them out here:

That's my features for now. Don't worry there will be more in the furture! Be sure to check these shops out and tell them the Captain sent you!

Good Luck and Godspeed,
Capt. Maricruz

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