Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I recently found out you could find out if you are being mentioned on the web by hearing about Social Mention. That's how I found out that I was featured in someones blog. You just plug in your shop name and let it bring up everything. It will show you all Tweets, Facebook pages and Blogs that you are mentioned in.

I was surprised to find out I was mentioned on someones Facebook page because she was happy I used her in a treasury and wanted her friends to know. Also there were two blogs! Wow, blogs! I commented on both blogs and thanked them immediately for including me. I was featured in beautiful treasuries on their blogs! How cool! Way too cool!!! I had to learn how to do that! I wanted the thrill of making an Etsy Treasury, publishing it on my blog and experiencing someone finding it and being happy like I was.

Visit my blog BajunaJewelry and I will show you how you can get a treasury on your blog too!


  1. Thank you! It's been so much fun joining this group! I look forward to growing with you all in wisdom and friendship!

  2. Social Mention was brought to my attention last year and it's really great. I have it bookmarked and check it out regularly.

  3. I am so NEW to all the computer stuff - can use all the help I can get! teamFest has really helped me. Seems to be a slow confusing and very time consuming go for me at this point. NEED more sales and time to do learn and create. Need all Secrets. Sindy Vaugh - MyPurpleUniverse shop.