Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Handmade Holidays

Every year I make an Advent Calendar for my grandson.

 Of course this means I need to get the calendar to him prior to the beginning of December and since they do not live here his mother tries to make a trip just around the end of November to be able to pick up the calendar. This year because of our extensive camping trips she made an last minute decision to come up this week! I was caught off guard because I had not made the Calendar, purchased the gifts or even thought of how I was going to make it this year!  Now since I try always to reduce-re use- recycle I save many things, so I ran to my 'random stuff' bin to see what I had enough of to make the calendar and there were enough cat food cans.

 So after I washed and bleached the cans I proceeded to get my 'craft stuff' bin out and I ended up covering the cans with craft foam

 and then applied some foam holiday stickers around them and some festive pipe cleaners for little lid handles.

 I applied some hot glue to keep the lids on until he opens them but all in all for a last-minute project I think it came out pretty good ...and except for the candy (left over from Halloween) and toys that I put inside the cans, everything else I used to make this I had in my supply closet. and that made me happy!
What's your Handmade Holiday's project?


  1. What a fun and inventive gift! We always had one when I was a kid and I loved opening it each day to see what was inside.

  2. I love this clever upcycling idea!! And it brings back memories of my children's advent calendar. I still have it, after years and years of use it's much worse for wear, but loved all the more! Thanks for sharing this!