Friday, April 16, 2010

April Team FEST Challenge - Time to Vote for your Favorite!

Now that tax day has passed  - I can, with a big sigh of relief, do something fun:  post the entries for our April team challenge!  Here they are, in order of submission.  Look for the poll in the left column to place your vote.  Our themes this month are "Birthstone - Diamond" or "En Vogue (In Fashion)".

1.  Bunny Hat by Ohbabydotcom

2.  Swarovski Bead Bracelet by Innermusejewelry

3.  Rose Cut Quartz Pendant by jorgensenstudio

4.  Baubles-Bracelet by ManoCelebrates

5.  Crystal Butterfly Necklace by GreyFrogDesigns

6.  Black Magic Soap by AquarianBath

7.  Rocker Babe Magnet by QuirkyDolls

Wow!  This is a fine group of entries!  Have fun voting and be sure to check out each shop!


  1. So cute... Hooray for crafty Floridians!

  2. Black Magic is always a good choice!

  3. Black Magic soap is my favorite!
    Good luck to all of you...

  4. Great pics! Love the Black Magic soap!