Monday, February 1, 2010

Handmade Challenge News!

The January Challenge was won by Julzbooks with 60 votes! I loved her silver origami ball,
AND I see she makes them in various colors too!
Her prize .............................Her Etsy Mini on the blog for a month!!!

How COOL is that?...................VERY COOL !!!

The February Challenge has begun. See link to the right------------->
Entries accepted until February 15th.

FEST admin. Team reminds you that:
You must mention in your shop announcement that your item is in the FEST month's challenge
and the item must have a "team fest"" tag.

Our Administration Team has imposed a new requirement to compete in a challenge.
Members may enter a challenge every month. Once a member wins a challenge, their entries the next two months, will be listed in the post, but excluded from the voting poll.
In other words, join in every month to share your art, but you may only win once every 3 months. This new rule simply allows more shops to win and enjoy the prizes!

Good Luck to everyone and lets see your SWEETS!


  1. Congratulations!! And what a beautiful shop... filled with lovely and interesting creations! :)

  2. I love the purple and pink origami ball!
    So Pretty(^^)

  3. I chose to look at BDoodles shop because it is such a fun name. I loved the retro apron...
    because, I can imagine wearing this in the kitchen feeling sexy, flirty and fun. Sometimes, I need the extra pizazz while cooking after a full days work. Thank you BDOODLE!