Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time to Vote for your Favorite "Icy" Handmade Craft

Our Winner is..........
julzbooks**************** Kusudama Origami "Flower Ball"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the "Icy" theme was a huge draw for wonderful handmade arts from our FEST members!!

Feast your eyes on these beautiful crafts that relect our recent "chilling" weather,
.......... thank goodness it's warm here again !

RecreationalArt *************** " Icy Snowflakes" Ring

Armillatadesigns***************** "Victorian Rose Ice" Necklace

phbeads ************************** "Ice Ice Baby" Ring

WonderfulWire********** "Crystal Ice" Seahorse Suncatcher Sculpture

Seaphemera ******************* Winter Beach Earrings

KathleenMarieKelly ***** "Winter Thunderstorm" mixed media painting

RaFiDesigns******** Ice Blue Mother of Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

KnittedWaveStudio ********Turquoise and Cream Granny Square Scarf

lazydayz*************** "Sterling Icicles" Earrings

AudreyGardenLady*************** " Crystal Tempest" Necklace

ohbabydotcom **************Sweet Valentine Pink Knit Party Hat

AquarianBath- Lavender Flax Neck Wrap in Icy Royal Blue Chinese Silk

julzbooks**************** Kusudama Origami "Flower Ball"

Creationsbyjdb**************** Frozen Fuffalump
GlimpsesandRemains **************Icy Photo Greeting Card

IWunder ***************** "Ice Princess" Scarf

JeniLuScraps ******************* Zipster Pouch "Blue Ice"
All I can say is "Wowee Ki Zoweee" How can I pick JUST ONE?????????????


  1. Wow! Go team! I believe we have been heating our homes with creative energy this month! :-)

  2. wow so many awesome items!
    I didn't get mine done in time :(

  3. Tough to pick just one favorite :) Gorgeous everyone!

  4. Wonderful creativity team!
    Lots of awesome work.
    So hard to choose just one....


  5. Okay, I voted. It's hard with this many "cool things." (Stupid pun and obscure reference to MegaTokyo also intended.)

  6. We may have to set a limit on admissions to future challenges? This post took over an hour to write AND it's TOO hard to pick ONE!

  7. This was really difficult to pick just one, all so lovely, even though I am not fond of the cold!

  8. What an impressive collection! So many wonderful choices, it was hard to pick just one! Congrats to everyone for the great creations :)

  9. Good job everyone. What a creative team we have.