Monday, January 4, 2010

December and January Handmade Craft Challenges

We had an exciting challenge vote in December! Did you follow it?

CreativeArtCenter's Baby Jesus and AudreyGardenLady's -In His Honor- necklace were really chasing each other for several weeks. They each must have been campaigning night and day!

It was very close several times but Audreys' necklace won with 71 votes!

Sarah's Jesus had 62 votes!

It worked out well because Sarah won a challenge recently and her mini is up on the left sidebar for January already!

Audrey will have the choice of an interview OR her mini on the blog also!

The January challenge is in progress now - check out the link on the left side bar - follow it to etsy and ENTER the fun competition.

Don't worry about being judged or embarrassed. Hey, I won a challenge last JULY,.......

AND then I got a whopping 2 votes for my entry in December! LOL!

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