Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Holiday Gift-Basket Giveaway 2013

Hi there all!
Erica here from Team Fest!
As many of you are aware and have tried to forget- Christmas is fast approaching! (I hear the groans!) I have come up with a fun idea to make our vendors sparkle this Christmas just in time for Holiday shopping!
We're hosting our very first Christmas/Yule Giveaway!
That's right! OUR VERY FIRST! Sounds exciting doesn't it?
So what does this entail?
Quite simply we need our vendors featured right here in Florida that are members from Team Fest to sign up!
I have created a thread on our Team discussion board- the link is here- www.etsy.com/teams/5263/florida-etsy-street-team/discuss/13076783/page/1 for you to follow and sign up.
Please add your Etsy shop link to the list. We need at least 16 shops to participate for this to work.
All you need to do is donate an item from your Etsy with a value of at least $5. After your item has been made, you'll make a listing in your shop with a title of: Team Fest Christmas or Yule Basket Giveaway RESERVED and in your description please make sure other customer's of your shop are aware that this is not for public purchase or sale.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the basket, I'm asking only for TANGIBLE ITEMS; no readings, please.
Please make sure the item you donate is of course Christmas related.
(I have more detailed information on the thread mentioned above)
We ask for a listing because this item will be featured in a Treasury that will be created and shown off to the public. Entries are VALID when the entrant comes to Etsy, and LIKES, SHARES, AND COMMENTS on the giveaway Treasury. (Must do all three.) In the comments of the Treasury Giveaway page, entrants must provide a link to their social media showing where they liked, shared, pinned or tweeted.
When we get all of the participants, I'll make a posting that it has been closed and items must be made immediately if you have not made them before then. In order to ensure the basket arrives in time for Christmas/Yule, all items need to get to Rose our Team Captain ON or BEFORE NOVEMBER 15th so she can prepare the basket for giving.
In addition if you'd like to donate towards the shipping cost of mailing the Giveaway Basket, Rose has generously stated that those who do (if you are a Vendor) will automatically be entered into the Coupon Book for Team Fest for FREE! It's a great way to give you additional advertising!
All vendors who participate in this Giveaway will receive public acknowledgement of participating, free advertising for the Holidays, a happy & proud feeling of a job well done and of course the thanks of everyone at Team Fest!
So what are you waiting for? Join in the Holiday fun over at Team Fest and let the Holiday rush BEGIN!
Wishing everyone a successful shopping & buying season Team Fest!
~Erica at Creatively Charmed Jewelry & Gifts

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