Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hot-To: DIY Wall Vase Tutorial - made from reclaimed materials

Over the summer we made 20 wall vases for baby shower favors! Today I wanted to share how we created them. You don’t need to make twenty, but inside one or two can make beautiful wall sconces filled with candles. Or place a wall vase with fresh flowers from the garden by your front door. There are many ways to use these eco-friendly vases.

Materials Needed: 
outdoor stain, and rags
drill stainless
steel clamps
lath screws
any medium to large glass jars
wall hanging hardware 

First we cut some wood rectangles. We decided to use some curved reclaimed wood molding we had saved. Any size wood will do, but the idea is to have the wood wider and longer than the glass jars that you want to use. We cut two sizes of rectangles for two different sized jars: one 8.5″ by 5″ and one smaller 7.5″ x 4″.
 Next I sealed the wood with outdoor deck stain. We prefer Sikkens but any outdoor stain with sealer will do. After the wood dried, I added wall hardware to the backs. Then my sweet husband drilled and secured the stainless steel clamps to the wood. There are many different size clamps. We used clamp size #56 (3 1/16″ to 4″). They can be found in the plumbing section of your local hardware store. We used a lath screw and a drill to hold the clamps to the wood. Lath screws are great all purpose fasteners. The exact screw label: truss washer lath screw 8 x 9/16.

To add the glass jars, I used a screwdriver to tighten the clamps around the glass. You can use all sorts of recycled glass jars. Wide mouth pickle and salad dressing glass jars are a favorite, if we’re not using mason canning jars.
I added some pink flowers (it’s a girl) and then packaged them up with an ultrasound picture of the baby. The mom to be loved them!!! If you have any questions when trying our tutorials please feel free to email us: thewoodenbee at

Happy Creating, Bee
The Wooden Bee

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