Saturday, April 21, 2012

In My Corner with Our Team Captian

Okay I am so late on this article so please forgive me.  Today we get to look into our team captain's craft room. Did you know she has multiple stores?  Busy, busy woman here and it is no wonder why, again we have another lucky person who has a whole room to work in.  So far everyone who has their own room has taken over their kids rooms as they moved out.  So only hmmmm at least 20 years before I get to do the same. 
Rose's room connects to her bedroom so she can slip right in after waking or in the middle of the night easily.  Her colors of yellow and pink are left over from the kids who occupied the room before her. But did you know that yellow is suppose to inspire creativity? So what a perfect color for a craft room.
Also don't you love all this light in this room?
She got into crafting while living in Rome and she had a low salary and pretty much had to get by. She learned to save money by renovating older things to keep up with the styles. She also is a firm believer in using what others may not want because there is always a latest and greatest out there. As you can imagine much of her inspiration is from flee markets and estate sales, "treasure hunting" is how she put it. And you will see many treasures though her space that she uses. 
She just revamped her area for this new addition. (which you can read all about here:

and now has a place for all her felts! (ahh...because, besides being GENTLEMANSEMPORIUM and RECREATIONALART - yes - she is also PENNYBOPEROO!). How does she do it all. I am having trouble keeping up with this article and my shop.  (Sorry again for the delay here and the repeat.)
She also created an awesome mailing station which is neat and organized.
Below is one of her favorite repurposed items: the backing of an old computer paired up with some cassette cases to make a business card holder! Then an old beaker holder to hold scissors and tools. How ingenious. I love it when crafty people give us great easy ideas.

This side of the room holds all her inventory,  the sideways bookcase and the wicker cabinet are more 'found' pieces. She is definitely really good at finding treasures people do not want anymore. 
She does most of her team and Etsy work sitting at this other table (another salvaged piece) which is right next to her mother's old sewing machine table which doubles as Loki's daybed. She put a bird feeder right outside the window there so he can watch the birds and squirrels and probably dream about catching as many as he can.  What a perfectly spoiled cat.

and then the back of her corner is the closet. 
 Besides her computer she cannot do without her Irvanfiew photo editing program (free online) and she fines it very easy to use. (Thanks for the tip Rose)
also: Ziploc bags! She uses them for everything! tiny ones hold her jewelry creations and the vintage accessories to keep them from tarnishing so quickly and dust free and bigger ones keep her felt creations from getting dusty and stay clean. I know what she means there with all the fabric I have around here.

Her tip for you today is wedding favor packaging. Because they go in and out of style so often crafts stores put them on sale like no body's business and then you can use coupons and wahla they make the perfect packaging for your sales. I love this idea. Cheap and beautiful packaging.  I so enjoyed Rose's space and learning more about her. Thank you Rose and as always...


  1. Great post, love the organization station... I really want to put a TV in my room, then maybe I won't gravitate to the living room so often. Also love the mailing station, my mailing station is at the kitchen table and would love to keep it in my office. Thanks for the peek into your space :)

  2. Lovely craft room!! Thanks for sharing ♥

  3. Very nice! I just love the yellow. Thank you for sharing a big part of your art. : )

  4. I am soooooooo jealous!! Can you come over an organize my craft room too? :-)

  5. Thank you so much for all these wonderful tips!! Awesome room with a beautiful view. I live in Port St Lucie at the moment and absolutely do not like it here as it does not have our beloved Florida scenery. I love moss in the trees, the sunshine and flowers. In PSL it is all manmade and pepper trees.......yukk. I am definately looking for a def city with home with a comfy craft room of my own.
    Thanks for the motivation

  6. Nice to see the great use you put all your found items to and what a lovely neat and well organised space thank you for giving us a glimpse into it ;~D

  7. Great article. LOVE the holder for scissors. Very nice find!