Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In My Corner- Up To My Knees In Crafts

Hi everyone. I am Barbara from Up To My Knees in Crafts and I am a new member of the FEST Team staff. My job is basically to be noisy and awed by the things I don’t have but will tell my husband I need one day. I will get to snoop around in our members creative spaces and give you the inside scoop on were they work and, for many, live.  That being said I am kicking this baby off with my space. 

Since we just moved into our new house my space is much neater then it would be during (I was going to say the holidays but lets face it) any other time.  My creative area takes up what would have been a kitchen nook in a home that didn’t have a crafter in it.
I took over the computer desk for my sewing machines for two reasons. 1. I can’t afford the $2,500 sewing desk I really want yet.  2. I have a wonderful almost 3 year old boy who thinks my machines are the best toys in the world (not so good for business).  The roll down top locks it was perfect, too bad our computer now occupies a linen table top. All well, sacrifices had to be made.

I started with quilts and then went to Joann’s and got a pattern. And now I have….well you can see…. tons of patterns and books. Most of my inspiration comes from the magazine Sew Beautiful. I love it but it gives me way too many projects to want to do. Now I have a list that looks like something Santa checks off but I keep it in this notebook oh and these binders….

Well you get the picture.  
So my first thought when asked what the one thing I can not live without is was my sewing machines.  A no brainer I know (I mean I do lock them up). 
But as a sewer a seam ripper is a close second as well as a little stash of candy. Don’t worry no fabric is harmed during my secret binges.

So, not all my craft stuff actually fits into this nook so I had to take over a closet in my daughter’s bedroom.

Again a sacrifice a family member makes to feed the addiction of another (me but at least I squeezed it in so that it was only one closet). 

There are a few things missing from my space (like décor but they will go up soon) but I would like to share one last thing and that is a little storage tip. Pictured here is an odd and ends storage container that I got from home depot. It didn’t cost much (maybe $15) and it is perfect for all the buttons, brads and other little items that I use for projects. By no means is it a thing of beauty but as my décor goes up I believe this baby can be painted and/or covered with paper and will fit just fine.

I also had a craft table which sits quietly behind the bookcase:
To be brought out when needed for cutting out patterns:

Oh and I can’t go without including my most precious processions in my corner.


My daughter who likes to play around me as I sew or my son who likes to help.


  1. I loved reading about your space! This is a wonderful addition to the team... giving us all a peek inside each others space.

  2. Love this :-) Will also need to add the odds and ends storage to my want list for my craft room!

  3. Love this new feature we are doing on the blog!! Thanks for taking us inside your space!!

  4. Love your space and the fact that someone else seems to work all over their home too - and your two cuties are great additions to your studio - happy sewing ;~D