Sunday, February 20, 2011

Greetings From On Board The SS Tesla!

Hello Fellow Team FESTers!

My name is Maricruz and I will be one of (hopefully) several contributors to the Team FEST Blog! What we are aiming for, if I am conjecturing correctly, is to provide links and how to instructions for my fellow Team FEST crafters out there! I will also post articles on Festival/Craft/Art Show vendor etiquette, crafting, Etsy, etc. and even upcoming shows to sign up for, or just attend.

So I will start off this first post with an instrucitonal video and some events going on:

For those of you in the South Florida Region, like myself, here are some upcoming craft events:

Odd Duck Art/Craft Show April 9th:
Vendor Applications are closed at this time.

Art Rock May 7th:
Vendor Submissions are open now at this time.

That's all for now, I will post more events as soon as I dig around some more.

And now, here's something completely different. Brought to you by Little Birdie Secrets:

Happy Crafting!

Captain Maricruz of The SS Tesla Airship


  1. Hi Maricruz. I'm KJ your Treasury Girl. Nice to see you are already active on our Blog. Thank you!

  2. Maricruz - Great intro and Love the tutorial video!

  3. Thank you! Hello KJ! I'm very excited to be working on this blog. As far as events go, I will try to hit all of the state of Florida, but I'm hoping someone else contributes so that I can focus on South Florida events. Until then I will try to hit everyone up as much as possible.

    I will come up with another post next week.

    Captain Maricruz

  4. Maricurz,

    What kind of events do you have in mind?


  5. I try to go for the small shows for upstarts like myself and for those who are getting back into the crafting game.

    I try to focus on mainly South Florida since it's the most difficult area to find shows to do.