Monday, October 18, 2010

My Etsy on Facebook

Are you on Facebook? Most likely, yes! But if you haven't set up a fan page yet, now is the time to do it! Particularly if you are using the 'My Etsy' application on your profile. As of November 3, Facebook will be removing application tabs from profiles and Etsy has already disabled this application for profiles. Fortunately, you will still be able to install it on your fan page. If you aren't familiar with the application, it is an Etsy storefront on Facebook that links to your shop. A forum that walks you through the setup is on Etsy, just follow the setup for a fan page, not a profile!
If you need to set up a fan page, keep in mind that when you publish it, you can't change the name, you would have to delete the page and start over. Another important note is that there is a scroll box that offers choices for your page category, otherwise the default is chosen, and again this cannot be changed! Once you have at least 25 fans, you can choose a username for your page to eliminate the long url address, making it easier for people to find you.
If you aren't actively marketing on Facebook, you should! Those of you who are, know by checking your reports on Google Analytics how much of your traffic is directed from Facebook. Our Seller Solutions page has links to excellent articles on optimizing your fan page to engage fans and for advertising on Facebook, which is very affordable. With so much competition to stand out on Etsy, Facebook provides an excellent way to target an audience for your specific product.

*Note:  Right after I posted this I found a great article on Handmade Spark: Using Facebook Insights to Target Your Customers!
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  1. The demographics chart mentioned in the Handmade Spark article is accessed by clicking on 'see details' after 'Users'!

    Collagical is on Facebook!

  2. Great article Cat!!! I love my Facebook insights too!


  3. Thank you, Audrey! Would love to fan your page?? Could you share your link? I think it would be great to support everyone's Facebook pages!

  4. Your post made me get moving and create my Fan page...thanks so much for your help!!!/pages/Tealwater-Designs-Jewelry/148245011886435