Monday, March 1, 2010

Future FEST Team Challenges

Well, after much team and administration brainstorming
Here's the next years challenge themes.
Each month offers two options.
First a Beautiful Birthstone.
These will coordinate with the monthly etsy voters,
so you can submit your items there also.
Also there are lots of forum posts about birthstones
Second, a Fun Theme!

Critters, wild women, florida style.......
We have a great year ahead of us!
I hope everyone joins in!

2010 Monthly Team Challenge Topics

MARCH: aquamarine – I Love Critters
APRIL: diamond – En Vogue
MAY: emerald – Living In Florida Style
JUNE: pearl – Capture The Memories
JULY: ruby – It’s a Charmed Life
AUGUST: peridot – Let’s Take A Vacation
SEPTEMBER: sapphire – Surfs Up!
OCTOBER: opal - Asymmetry/Symmetry
NOVEMBER: yellow topaz – Flower Power Baby!
DECEMBER: tanzanite – Traditions
JANUARY: garnet – A Quiet Corner
FEBRUARY: amethyst- We Are Wild Women


  1. Great themes! and nice to know them a little ahead of time. Thanks for the brainstorming! my brain is mostly just cloudy :)


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  3. Wonderful choices - and I love having either to choose from! I agree it's nice to know ahead of time. Now I need to save the list.

  4. I love the themes. These are good challenges to promote me to really think outside the box.

  5. Looking forward to participating!!

  6. Love that we get two choices... gives me more to work with! :)

  7. Thanks guys for two choices!