Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interview with WonderfulWire

Meet Mary of WonderfulWire:

Who are you?
*My name is Mary Lamoray and I'm a self-taught present, I do wire sculptures. I say at present because my art mediums have a habit of changing every so often :) I've been a scrimshander (one who does scrimshaw), polymer clay artist (I still do an occasional clay 'painting') and I've played off and on with various colored pencil, water color marker and sharpie drawings and illustrations. But right now, I am most serious about wire! :)

What do you create?
*I create wire art animal and abstract designs. The first rule of wire art is “There are no rules”, the second rule is “Don't put your eye out”! And yes! In that order! :) Wire art is especially unique because of the very nature of the medium. It allows for wild, crazy, abstract concoctions that might look a total mess on paper or canvas... but in wire, it comes to life in the most fantastic way. Likewise, realistic wire art comes across as very deep and raw... it touches the soul in various ways. Sometimes like a gentle breeze and at other times in explosive zaniness! I also liken my particular style to music. Each piece has its own sound and can come through as Jazz, classical, the blues or even a children's sidewalk marching band! :)

What is your favorite feature on Etsy?
*I love the 'Time Machine'. I learn a lot watching what's 'sold' or 'just listed'... I get inspired and encouraged to do better.

What other interests do you have?
*I love good movies, iced coffee, ice cream and snorkeling! I used to have a lot of other interests but I have Multiple Sclerosis so I'm curtailed in just about everything except my art! :)

Where in Florida do you live?
*I live in Sanford on a 30 ft. sailboat with my wonderful husband (We've been married 28yrs :) and our 'rescued from the pound' dog 'Jake'. We lived aboard and cruised our old sailboat for 12 years (Our son has it now), and then moved on land for about 8 years. We've been living on this boat for over a year now! So wonderful to be back on the water. We haven't gone anywhere with it yet though... still doing repairs and my husband has to commute back and forth to Winter Garden four days a week... so we are going to be in Sanford for a long time yet.

If one were to visit Sanford what would you suggest they do?
*The 'Rivership Romance' dinner cruise!! We have never gone ourselves but it is always packed and everyone seems to really enjoy themselves! It's docked at Monroe Harbour Marina here in Sanford (The city marina).

What are some other sites to find out more about you and your art?

*I just started a brand new blog called All Things Seahorse
*My other blog is called Living With Walls
*I'm also on Flickr

What “super” power would you like to have and why?
*I would love to be able to breathe under water and walk around on the ocean floor!! Now THAT! Would be cool!! :)))

What famous person would you like to meet and why?
*I would love to meet Christopher Loyd... I just love his incredible versatility in character roles! Of course my absolute favorites are as 'Doc' in the 'Back to the future series' and he also played the 'Klingon commander' in 'Search for Spock'! Now That's! Versatile! :)))

Trying to pick out just 3 of Mary's Wonderful Wire was extremely difficult - you have GOT to go to her shop and see how talented she is for yourself!


  1. great interview! i LOVE that lion fish!

  2. Terrific interview. Mary your Seahorses are awesome!!


  3. Thanks so much for a very fun interview and opportunity!... still wish I could breathe under water! :)))

  4. Me too! I hate how the mask fogs up and I love to snorkle!